You know that thing you were nervous to ask your dermatologist about? I asked her for you.

Sunblock? Check. Hat? Check check. Reapply that sunblock every two hours? Whoops!

I forgot that part while chasing the kids around the lake on vacation and I sheepishly showed up the next day for my annual skin check with sunburned, um, bits. I confided in my new dermatologist, Dr. Laura Buford of Westlake Dermatology, and honestly, she related in more ways than one both during my visit and in the Q + A below.

Sometimes its hard to get real real with your doctor in person, and I wanted to know/didn’t want to know what the changing “mole-thing” was on my forearm. Can you relate to that? Dr. Buford totally could, and we talked about everything from spray tans to that old thing we used to do with baby oil and a beach day, eek!