You Know How I Feel About Laundry…But This Helps

(AD) My Green Fills is a company that speaks to my heart. Started in 1982 by a woman on a mission in her kitchen, the goal has always remained the same: create a laundry detergent that is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and convenient.

Not only is laundry something I do every single day in my house, but with five people in our home with sensitive skin, and the sense of responsibility we all feel to leave as small of an eco-footprint as possible, My Green Refills has been a game changer.

Not to mention they have a non-toxic version of everything I need: stain sticks, oxy-boost for color-stay, whitest whites, and stains, fabric softener, and good oldfashioned laundry soap. The other thing that makes these products different is that they come in little pouches. You add warm water to the empty jug they provide and mix your own laundry soap. This will be the last jug you ever own!

AND, you can choose to have this delivered monthly to your home, which means never running out of laundry soap, etc., again, and not having to lug it all in from the grocery store when you already have three kids, two flats of water and a partridge in a pear tree to bring in from the car.

Get yours here and use coupon code SAVE25 for 25 percent off the entire store, just for Polite As Fudge readers <3 XOXO, Mandy