Why Valentine’s Day Might Be the Perfect “Holiday”

This may seriously be one of my favorite made-up holidays.  Just when winter is getting a little long in the tooth and you’re ready for spring but it’s still not even close, Valentines Day comes around to give us a chance to do something special for our loved ones.

Matt has a tradition that he always sends Scarlet and I flowers on Valentines Day.  It’s seriously the sweetest thing ever.

We also like to take our kids out for their own special Valentines Dinner, as well as book something special, just for us.  This year, we’re taking the kids to Yamashiro, which is this amazing Japanese palace in the Hollywood Hills.  You can see the lights of the whole city and they’re really great with kids.  Then Matt and I are going for our own dinner the following night to Saddlepeak Lodge because it’s where we went a lot when we were dating, and also the place we went for Valentines Dinner with Scarlet when she was still a newborn baby in her car seat.

Anyway, here are some of the crafts, Valentine’s cards, little gifts and outfits that I’ve been putting together for our family.  How do you celebrate with your Cupids?

Click the photos below to link to products!  

And a few things I’ve already picked up for our St. Patty’s “greens!”