Valentines Photo Shoot!

I never would’ve guessed when I started Polite As Fudge not quite a year ago that I’d just enjoy it SO much.  Writing, interviewing, taking pictures of my kids and making jokes about life and all its goodness, messiness and then some.

Most of the pictures you see on my Instagram and blog are done on my iPhone X.  But the really good ones have been with my two friends who are photographers.  This little photo shoot below is part of a series we did with Casey Kuznetsky so that I’d have a stockpile of images for my daily Instagram.  I try to keep up with posting daily and while most days I have some funny story or kid conversation and a photo to go along with it, other days I realize at 5 pm when the lighting isn’t good for a pic that I have something to say and no photo to go with it.

So now I’ll have my very own stock images for those days that are very un-Pinterest-worthy. Happy Valentines Day and thank you so much for reading!