We Made it to Texas, Y’all

Mkay.  You know when you have a new baby.  Or a new puppy or whatever, something brand new that you’re super stoked about and just so happy to be honored with the existence of that you don’t even need to [insert adjective here]? That’s how I’d explain how we’ve adrenaline-d through the last two weeks of our lives.

I’m sitting in our new home, on our old couch in our family room, having a glass of wine and thinking about how I almost didn’t get an article out this week and I’m really happy to be sitting and writing this even though it’s not as neat and concise of subject matter as I anticipated.  I sort of thought I’d have all this extra time on my hands on our road trip (with the three kids and two dogs HAHA).  I thought I’d write at night in the hotel room after the kids went to sleep, with the result being some Pinterest worthy road trip guide from LA to Austin.

In reality, Shep started sleeping horribly in the hotel cribs at some point, with his random bedtimes and lack of naps on the road.  But.  We did it.  We actually did it pretty freaking gracefully, and only got called back to one hotel for Chai and Coco howling too loudly while we were at dinner.  (Let’s just say historic hotels with no adjoining rooms and very little insulation are not for us).  We did learn, however, that we can have a two-hour dinner outdoors with all three kids and the two dogs.

Here are some photos and when I get some extra time, I’ll make a shiny AF road trip guide.  I also want to give Matt props here because even though he was swamped before we left LA, he planned out a great route for us, never more than a six-hour drive, which isn’t easy when the hotels have to be pet-friendly and your wife really, really doesn’t like road trips.

Here are a few things going on with us during and after the move:

1)  Our main goal in the move was to get the kids’ rooms just right.  We hired an organizing company to unpack and organize and with their help (omg they’re angels, we love you Arranging It All!), we got through 3/4 of the boxes and have most of the 5K+ square foot house unpacked.  Matt and I are still living out of suitcases, but I have to tell you, it’s such a relief to have the kids all settled.

2).  We’re feeling just so grateful.  And tired.  The kids (and Chai and Coco) have so much more freedom to run and play and spread out here.  It has honestly made everything feel a little lighter.  And that’s gotta be good, right?   I can envision our kids’ graduation parties in this home.  It’s the place for us.  In reality, it’s gonna take a lot of work, but we’ll get there.  I love a house with authenticity, and though it’s going to take patience and time to turn this 90s colonial style home into our lil’ slice of Heaven, this place has the bones and the potential and is on a great piece of land in the right community for us, that Pam refers to as “Holmby hills on the Lake”.  We just have to have the patience.

PS – I’ll post some pics of the house soon!  We’re having basically everything painted white on Wednesday, so it’s phase two of a little disarray.  Again.  Patience…man, that’s hard.  

3.  Tomorrow we’re taking a break from organizing and unpacking and I’m so glad for that.  The time change was supposed to help everybody sleep in, but I think from being off of a schedule, it seems to be the opposite right now, so I’m signing off and will be back next week with probably the opposite of what I plan to write about, haha!