Repurposing Old Nursery Letters

Our oldest son just turned four-years-old and since he has just about outgrown his cute little pirate ship bed, we thought it was time for him graduate to a “big boy” room. His nursery was nautical themed, chosen by his interior designer (um, me), but we let him choose his own theme this go around. Drumroll, please!

Star Wars! I’m happy he chose this because I think it’s something he can grow into and will be happy with for many years to come.

We’re in the middle of this project and while we wait for parts to arrive to convert his old crib into a full sized bed, I’m slowly collecting artwork and accessories from Pottery Barn Kids, as well as beginning a few DIY projects of my own. Cause if you’re gonna do a theme, you might as well do the damn theme. Hashtag, Polite As Fudge. Wink, wink.

Step-by-step instructions for repurposing your child’s nursery letters

  • Choose a fabric. This was literally the only Star Wars fabric Jo-Ann’s Fabric had, but it worked out perfectly because I love the simplicity for what will be a rather busy room.
  • Sterling’s nursery letters had buttons and yarn on them, so I prepped the letters them by pulling anything off the surface that wasn’t flat. (I didn’t need to prime them because the fabric I chose has really good coverage). Check to make sure you can’t see through the fabric before you purchase!
  • Turn each letter over and trace onto fabric with a pen
    1. Make sure the fabric is all facing the proper way so the letters and patterns are consistent with how you want them
  • Then use fabric scissors to precisely cut out each letter
    1. This was simple, but it’s the most time-consuming part because you want to be accurate. My husband asked me how I cut it so accurately and I told him I used laser beams. He asked me where I got the laser beams because it seriously lines up so perfectly on the wooden letters.
  • Break out the Elmer’s Craft Glue! This worked perfectly for me because I was able to:
    1. Apply the glue
      Spread glue into a thin layer to cover (I just used my finger)
      Apply the fabric and gently push the fabric into it’s proper place
  • Voila! You have updated letters for your child’s “Big Kid Room!”Stay tuned for the total nursery makeover! Here’s a little sneak peek!