Old traditions + new city

Matt and I have been together for almost twelve years and I can’t remember a Halloween where we didn’t have friends over for a party or trick-or-treating. This year, Matt wanted to throw a house warming party, the kids wanted to throw our traditional Halloween party, and somebody in my family had the idea to mush them together and invite our kids’ closest new school friends, their families, our new neighbors and their families, Matt’s colleagues who he knew from travelling to Austin for business, and a few friends who’ve also made the LA to Austin pilgrimage. And it was amazing. I’d say 3/4 of the people knew each other or of each other, and the rest you couldn’t tell because they all mingled so well it seemed like they were old friends.

When I host, I like to think of comfort. I like to think of what my guests might need, and have it readily at their fingertips. I also like to take out the awkwardness of showing up and not knowing anyone, which I thought could be the case at this party, since it was people we’ve been running into and we didn’t know if they knew the other neighbors, etc. So.

I always feel like a bunch of kids and a DJ keep things flowing. Good beer and wine, and lots of food. Add-in lovely people, and even if they don’t know each other, it seems like they do! Voila!

To keep it easy for me, I had a caterer do a taco bar (and obv butter pasta for Sterling – eye roll, but whatever, please have a full tummy, Sterling) We also played the mummy wrap game, freeze dance and had a dance off, with some prizes. I didn’t get a ton of pictures at the party because I took advantage of the DJ and danced my little heart out. But here are a few of us in our costumes, below!

I hope you all had a GREAT Halloween! I loved seeing our LA friends’ costumes on Insta, even though we didn’t get to see you in person this year.