Birthdays, house guests and the pumpkin patch!

OMG OMG OMG it’s finally here! The weekend I’ve been waiting for! Three of my girlfriends from LA are coming to visit and I’m almost in disbelief.

Mama P (the kids’ Nana) came last weekend and Matt and I got an overnight date for my birthday! It was actually a few separate bday outings because we went paddle boarding and had lunch on Thursday, then had a whole entire 24 hours to ourselves! We were like “What do we do?! Go shopping? Stay out late? Sleep in? Get massages? Lay by the pool? Take a nap?” We literally tried to fit it all in and were mostly successful. I joked on my Insta it was just like the Bachelor Fantasy Suites except we’ve been together almost 12 years and we went to catch up on sleep. HA!

Over the long weekend, we also hit up the pumpkin patch and my favorite little Hula Hut here in Austin. (Just a little side note – they have boat parking. Like, dock your boat and have lunch. That’s going on my vision board when I get around to making one!) We came home with no fewer than a billion pumpkins and decorations cause that’s how Scarlet rolls.

Anyway…I’m excited to share with you the reveal of our guest room and some of the special things I added to make our guests feel comfy and cozy (and obv want to move to Austin with me, ya know?)

bed | pineapple sheets | lamps | basket |

(crab) (waves) decorative pillows – mine were sold out, but here are some similar ones!

Most important things to me in a guest area:

1. Coffee. I like to have my coffee before I do anything else. So if our guests want to wake up to coffee in their rooms and sit on the swing bed on their porch, or shower with a hot cup of their favorite drink, I want that to be accessible to them. I put this mini-Keurig, some creamer, and mugs in the room so that they can have their choice to have coffee right away, or not.

mini-Kerig | tray + baskets

2. Water and snacks. I know my MIL and friends know they can help themselves to anything they need, but I also know it’s nice to have it at your fingertips, too! We have little water bottles, Luna bars and Pam’s fave, dark chocolate + caramels.

3. The bathroom essentials. There’s nothing like being away and thinking you can’t wait to get home so you can have your (insert whatever that is here). So I make sure to have Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, a hair dryer, body wash, nice shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and fresh towels and wash cloths. I also put a hamper in the bathroom because I know it can be awkward like ‘where do I put my used washcloths?’ This makes it obvi. I also threw in extra tp and tissues.

4. Books. We threw in a lil’ guide to Austin shopping and a few fun reads.

5. Oh yeah, and…

  • Two cozy bathrobes from our favorite hotels.

  • Two luggage valets to hold the suitcase(s)

  • A travel crib (I mean, the garage is already too full right now and it might be needed in the guest room!)

  • A little framed note with the WIFI info on the nightstand

The last thing I’ll add is that we did all-white, black-out curtains so that our guests wouldn’t be bothered by the sun coming in in the morning. That’s almost laughable though…cause Shep’s room is right across the hall…brahaha. Our guests will get to sleep in in give or take three years

Ooh, and here’s a swing bed similar to ours outside the guest balcony!

Ooh, and for times when we have more than 1-2 guests, we made sure our playroom/loft area was nice and cozy for our friends and family to stay in, too. The couch pulls out to a bed and there’s a little kitchen up there with a fridge full of drinks. There’s no bathroom in the loft, but the pool bath is just down the stairs, and my Nespresso machine is close by in the kitchen, so whoever stays there can probably grab a coffee before they have to see anyone, too, AND they’re clear across the house from tiny people who wake up at 6:08am with loud and shiny ZEST for life. (They don’t even drink coffee) Haha.