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The Secret to Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

The Secret to Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Guest post written by Laura Conley.

You’ve decided.

This is the year.

The year you lose the weight for good. Or buy the house. Or find your person. Or start your side hustle. Or create that really awesome art.

You know why you want it so badly. You are so wholeheartedly committed.

But what happens when the enthusiasm has worn off and you just don’t feel like it?

What happens when there is yet another party with your favorite mushroom toasts and you have already said no to so many fun treats?

Or you just don’t feel like going out on that blind date?

What happens when you are so tired from your ‘real job’ you just can’t muster up the energy to reach out to potential side hustle clients?

This is the moment you either move towards getting what you want or you give into “I don’t feel like it”.

It feels like no big deal.

We say to ourselves….

One toast won’t hurt.

I will go out with him next week.

I can do it tomorrow.

DREAM STEALERS.  All of these thoughts.  

RESOLUTION ROBBERS. All of these sentences in our heads.

Most of us think we have two options when these thoughts arise.

Option one, give into the I don’t feel like it and eat the toast.


Option two, use will power. We resist the toast or force ourselves to go on the date. And we all know in the long run will power never really works because will power is not a renewable resource, it eventually runs out.

We forget that there is a third option.

It is not fancy. It doesn’t inspire a huge a-ha. It isn’t really fun. But it is kind of the secret to life.

I know I have really got your by the seat of your pants.

Option three is to simply ALLOW. Very simple. Not easy.

Simply allow your brain to be a brain.

Let your brain freak out when it is time to do the thing you set out to do on January 1 and it is now March 15 and all the excitement has waned.

Simply allow all the thoughts. Then take a couple of deep breaths.

Remember this is just your brain being a brain. Trying to protect you. Sweet little brain.

Nothing has gone wrong. This is actually how we know we are on the exact right path.

So this year. Go get the thing. Feel the feeling. Create the best thing ever. Do your dream.

But, know that this path sucks. This path of dream doing is uncomfortable and full of doubt and full of brain freaking out - ness.

It is also so awesome, one of the best parts of the human experience and definitely not to be missed.

It is the most worth it thing ever.

So the best thing I can offer is to help you to prepare to allow your brain to be a brain.

What will you say to your brain when your brain gets really creative and tells you not to do the thing? (actually answer this.)

How will you protect you from your brain from a space of allowing? (same thing here.)

This is option 3. Allowing your brain to be a brain. Take a deep breath. Thank it for sharing. And go back to your chosen resolution or intention or goal.

You’ve got this.

PS from Mandy — If Laura seems familiar to you, it’s probably because:

  1. She’s my kindred spirit and

  2. We collaborated on an article a few months back and she’s my fabulous, soulful and inspiring life coach.

In fact, if you are curious (and trust me you should be — I heart her) about working with Laura and putting her words into action click here to book a complimentary 30 minute mini coaching session. There are 5 spots open for Polite As Fudge readers and you must book by the end of the day, January 5th.

Happy New Year and Happy coaching!

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Happy New Year from Polite As Fudge!

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