OMG, my FB feed is my Insta’s Twin

Have you ever heard the old saying “I love you, but I can’t like your same post twice?”

JK, I totally just made that up.  But it pretty much encompasses Polite AF’s rules on double-posting the same image on both Instagram and Facebook.

Polite AF’s rules of social media doppelgänger posts:

– Posting a different picture not only let’s you make use of all of those cute pics on your phone, but it gives your friends some fresh content on their feeds.  New material, please!

– If you find yourself double posting to share with your distant family who may only be on Facebook and not on Insta, consider a more personal app like Lifecake.  I use Lifecake to post photos of my kids to share with family.  I can share more personal photos and comments this way, without oversharing with my 550 FB friends.

– I also keep my personal Insta account private.  I post more general pics to FB (hello, have to use all those family photos bc you know only one is getting hung up on the wall) and more intimate photos of my family and home on IG.

– If you have big news, a big trip or something of the like, go ahead and double post away! (like when I had a v important pic of roses & wine before the Bachelor‘s Final Rose Ceremony #veryimportant).

And that’s how you’ll get a ‘like’ from Polite AF every time!  (I mean, honestly, I’d still like you twice, but I’d love to see what else you’ve got!)

That face is just how serious baby Shepherd takes double-posting