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Wanted:  Gay BFF for Austin Mommy Blogger

Wanted: Gay BFF for Austin Mommy Blogger

I’ve been waiting, like, so patiently for my new Austin BFF. I totally thought we’d already know each other’s middle names by now. We’ve been here for six whole weeks and if it was gymnastics camp, I’d already have my lip sync team put together and we’d be unstoppable, ya know? But this is adult life and this is basically my Pina Colada Song but for my new Austin BFF.

To my new BFF,

I know we haven’t met yet. But I know you’re out there. Out where dreams come true. (obv Feival video is below).

While I’ve gone to the kindergarten mom mixers, blind-friend-dates, and even recently made a profile for my lil’ old self on Bumble BFF, I’ve come to realize that there’s no app for a ‘mommy blogger new to the city seeking her new gay bff’ cause that’s what I really want. I mean, you’re just my kindred spirit and we’re so naturally comfortable together, ya know? Of course you know!

Here’s what I know about you, me, and you and me together:

  1. You’ve been through some ish and so have I. We can talk about it, or not talk about it, but we have this knowing of one another’s past hurts and remind each other we are worthy of sittin’ pretty where we’re at now. Ooh wait, let me fix your crown real quick.

  2. You fuss over my babies and I’ll fuss over yours (if you’ve chosen to have children, or maybe you’re not there yet? That’s okay, too). And we can travel in style together because our partners get along so well. We do such a good job balancing our family friendship and our personal friendship because we are both so effing centered, independent (enough) and considerate.

  3. We’ll sit in a place of non-judgement for ourselves and others except when that shit needs judging.

  4. You help me feel free. Like that one time we were in St. Martin and you were all “be free, take your top off and run with the waves”"! And I did and it was one of the most ‘in touch with myself’ moments I’ve ever felt.

  5. You’re like so nice to waiters. And so am I. You’re always kind and polite but you have no fear of sassing anybody who needs a good sassing. Respectfully, of course. And you also know when a lady doesn’t need to say anything at all.

  6. We also have this unsaid thing where obv we prefer to feed our babies organic food, but if it’s not available, we don’t make a deal out of it, we don’t make up allergies, in fact, we don’t say a word. We give them the damn french fries with melted cheddar cheese and think, enjoy yourselves and this incredibly balanced childhood I provide you with. C’est la vie!

  7. You like your yoga hot and your wine red and are always open to adventure, except when you’re not, and that’s okay, too.

  8. We explain, not complain cause we’ve learned to let go and look for the best in others. But when things need talked out, you know who to turn to, and so do I. I got your back and you’ve got mine and we’ll save each other like so many thousands of dollars in therapy bills cause we’re both born caretakers who need taken care of, too!

  9. We love karaoke so much and have dance parties like all the time cause the kids love it, love it, love it. 70/30, we always say! Enjoy and have fun, and the rest is redirecting, etc. (And when we go out for grown up karaoke I make sure to tell the DJ you really want Cher but cause you secretly sound just like her and I secretly want a ridiculous mashup cause I randomly know the words to basically any song ever).

  10. We’re loyal and true and trustworthy and there’s a certain feeling of comfort and safety in knowing we’ll just be friends like this forever and ever, Amen.

That’s all. You know where to find me. Can’t wait to meet you!

If this made you laugh, or if you found it entertaining, or if you have this friend in your life, want this friend in your life, or ‘are’ this friend in someone’s life, please share with someone who might enjoy. Thank you, as always for being the most fun an encouraging readers out there!

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