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From 90s Mold Room (ew) to Modern Mudroom

From 90s Mold Room (ew) to Modern Mudroom

When we moved into our new house in August, we planned our initial update to be purely cosmetic. A little face-lift, if you will. White paint, some new tile, all new lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and new electrical outlets and switches to update the interior of this 1990s home.

We knew when we bought the house that there was surface mold in a large pantry the former owner had turned into a makeshift wine room. The room was dark with faux wood and a swamp cooler that appeared to be dripping water down the wall. The former owner assured us it wasn’t black mold, and though we knew it was, our inspector was pretty sure it was just on the surface. We planned to tear out just what was necessary and maybe turn it into a storage room.

Once the faux wood was torn off, we realized the mold had seeped into the drywall and ultimately the framework of every single wall as well as the ceiling. So. We decided to have the two non-supporting walls of the room taken down and ultimately turned the space in to an open mudroom.

Here is the hallway before the walls were taken out, as well as the initial re-framing. The hallway was very narrow and the space would have originally served as a third pantry, which, like, nobody needs.

Not only do we actually have a real use for a mudroom with three little kids and all of their backpacks, coats and shoes, but taking down these walls actually opened up this narrow hallway into a bright and airy space conveniently located by our garage and backdoor, right by where we come and go for our busy days. We may not have originally anticipated tearing into walls in our round one updates to the house, but it turned out even better than I had hoped.

I gathered inspiration from one of our favorite Austin restaurants, Eberly, with its cobalt blue and gold tones and lush fabric. We also left a little nod to the former wine room, with our wine refrigerator. No mold necessary. Hehe.

Get this look:

geometric marble flooring | brass coat hooks | ship lap walls | cobalt blue custom cushions (by Austin’s Undercover Upholstery) | pottery barn gold rope basket (and long basket) | whynter 92 bottle wine fridge (that my husband insists we must fill) | golden door pulls | custom cabinetry (by Austin’s Hemza Designs)

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