Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Oh gosh, I haven’t been as thoughtful about gift giving as I used to be.  I love finding perfect gifts for all of the special people in my life, but when you’re busy with three little kids, one of them being a half-tornado half man-child, some things slip a little and texting, emails and well thought out gifts are on that list.

Shep will go to preschool for a few hours a day starting this summer, and I’m excited to reclaim a little time to myself.  For whatever I want.  Working out, washing my hair again, spending more time with friends, and getting back to a little more mindfulness and thoughtfulness.

It brings me so much joy to find gifts my friends and family will love.

Here are some of the gifts that fit that bill for Mother’s Day.  Oh, and a sappy little post I wrote last year about what it means to be a mother.  <3

1.  The gift of time.  A coupon for a day off to sleep in, have lunch with a friend, etc.  Bonus points if you arrange a reservation and make arrangements in advance and surprise the mama in your life with a card and the plans all laid out for her.

2.  Something she wouldn’t buy for herself.  An in-home massage, some silk pajamas, monogrammed packing cubes for her suitcase.

3.  Color Me Mine.  Take the babies to Color Me Mine and have them make something special just for mom.   The bonus for this one is to paint their little hands or feet and get a footprint on whatever you make!  Double bonus if mommy gets to stay home and take a relaxing bath or read People Magazine in a quiet house.

4.  Make dinner.  Send mom to her room to watch a movie and have the kids pitch in to make dinner…mom gets dinner in BED.  The bonus here is doing all of the dishes and tidying up the house.  All the star eyes here.

5.  The combo.  Combine a little intangible with some flowers or little gift and you have the perfect, thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift sure to warm any mama’s heart.

6.  A trip.  Don’t buy me anything, but take me awayyyyy.  We’re taking the kids to Las Vegas this year for our cousin’s graduation, but I still feel like it’s my Mother’s Day treat because traveling is my FAVE.  Room service, anyone?

Little nonsequitur, but for Mother’s Day, we usually go out for brunch with the kids.  I love a fancy champagne brunch somewhere like The Bel Air Hotel ,  Saddlepeak Lodge or my mother in law’s house.  Haha.  And that also reminds me of one more article I wrote when I was pregnant with Shep and a man called me, um, BIG.  I almost feel bad for him.  Almost.  Here’s the article.  

PS – The pic from this post is from a little photo shoot we did for Lemonade Studio City!  It was so much fun and I love getting to do creative projects like this with the kids!  Scarlet and I took turns using my iPhoneX for the photos and we were on their Instagram stories!