“Have YOU Seen Mommy Bunny?”

The bunny house was all abuzz.  Every day, it always was, bustling with three bunny kids, and parents going about their biz.

(Whole bunny family in the kitchen.  Daddy on his phone, kids watching TV, baby bunny destroying pretty much everything). 

“Daddy Bunny, I want to remind you about my trip”, Mommy Bunny said with a sip.  Her tea was cold, cause mom life called.   On the couch, the Bunny family were sprawled, playing their games and watching tv, they didn’t have time to listen to mommy.

“That’s nice dear”, Daddy Bunny said.  He was very busy with emails instead.

Mommy Bunny went on with her business, checking off her lengthy to-do list.

“I’ve stocked the fridge with things you like, and I hope the baby sleeps through the night!  The Bunny’s fur is washed and combed, their lunches made, the schedule honed.  Grandma B and the babysitter are set.”  But no one seemed to listen yet.

Mommy shuffled her little ones off to bed, kissed each sweet bunny on their head.

The sun came up, birdies chirping and singing.  But something was off.  Mommy Bunny was missing!

(Picture of the kids’ clothes out on their beds and looking a bit confused.)

Beatrix Bunny, the eldest of the three, said, “I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation.  Let’s get dressed, go downstairs and see.”

(Cut to a photo of mommy bunny checking in to a pretty hotel, little suitcase in hand, her mommy bunny college friends all around her.)

“Bunny phones off at check-in!”  Chirped the concierge.   (He points to the sign above the desk that says ‘Rest and Recharge’  

(Cut back to the family bunny house)

All the bunnies back on the ranch pooled together to give making breakfast a chance.

(Daddy Bunny’s tie is around his head, like a ninja, as he changes the baby’s diaper, butters the waffles, pours a coffee, and tries to dial mommy bunny on his phone)

“Don’t forget your briefcase, daddy!” Beatrix Bunny said, as they jumped in the Caddy.  It was time for school, they were almost late – the Mommy Mystery’d have to wait.

With the bunnies in the car, Daddy racked his brain.  If he’d only paid attention, what was it Mommy Bunny was saying?

Cut to Mommy bunny sitting at the pool with a bunny colada.  Thought bubble of her missing her bunnies.

When they got to bunny school, Daddy kissed them one by one.  He’d surely figure out this mystery before the day was done.

He got back in his car and thought, I know what to do!  He’d call his mommy, Grandma B, she was a good listener, it’s true.

But Grandma B’s phone must be off, she’d fed the pigs and left it in the trough.

The mystery ensued as daddy bunny realized the baby had pooed.  As he changed Bennett Bunny’s diaper, his phone buzzed.  His digital calendar was beepin’ with what he should’ve seen all along (“Mommy bunny’s “Me Time Trip!” pops up on his phone.  But Daddy Bunny’s in the moment changing the baby’s diaper).  

Daddy Bunny took Baby Bennett on home and was met at the door by the babysitter, a bunny named Rome.

“Oh, you’re here!” the daddy said.  Rome snapped her gum and said “Well, yeah!  Mommy Bunny booked me weeks ago, but, like, where she went I do not know”

That day, Daddy Bunny worked from home, deciding once and for all he’d learn to pay attention, and put down his phone.

Grandma B picked the bunnies up from school “Hi, my Grandbunnies!” she said.  “How was schooo…oh my carrots!  Why the long faces?  If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d lost your shoelaces”.

“M. M. Mommy Bunny is missing, you see!  She wasn’t here this morning, not a trace did she leave!”  Beau Bunny was sad and he started to cry.

“There, there,” said Grandma B.  “Dry your eyes”.  “Did you miss it somehow that Mommy Bunny’s on a trip!  How is it possible you didn’t know where she went?”

Now, Beatrix Bunny, being very wise, said “Grandma B.  I think I know why.  We’ve all been playing on our phones and iPads, Nintendo Switches and Xbox pads.  I think I recall Mommy Bunny yesterday saying that she’d be on her way.  Is this the weekend she’s with her girlfriends for a few spa days?”

Grandma B said “Yes” and she took the bunnies home.  The mystery was solved and there was so much they had learned.  The whole next day they spent together, noticing more things like their friends and the weather.  They’d finally learned to put their tech down, to notice the good life — it was all around.

The very next day, Mommy Bunny’s plane touched down, she pushed her way on through the crowd.

(The Bunny Family all at the airport with flowers and balloons and a sign that says, “We missed you, Mommy!”)

“My Bunnies!” said Mommy.  They all squealed with delight.  It’s always the BEST to reunite.

Each day is a fresh one with lessons to learn, life to live and love and family in turn.  So put down your tech and live in the moment, cause as the Bunny Family learned, you’ll never regret that.

Thank you to my husband, Matthew Smith, for the idea for this book.  You are such an inspired, amazing person and always so full of life.  Thank you for our happily ever after.  

A book for both parents and children, “Have YOU Seen Mommy Bunny?” is a tale of a family who got so busy in their bunny lives that they didn’t notice when Mommy Bunny told them she’d be going out of town for a trip.  She set everything up for them, told them lots of times, but somebunny should have been paying attention.  They woke up to a fully stocked fridge, lists of instructions…but couldn’t find Mommy Bunny!