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MAMA.  How I've Changed from 1 Kid to 3

MAMA. How I've Changed from 1 Kid to 3

I’m writing this as I sit outside of Shep’s room at 9:30pm on a Wednesday. As I sit here waiting to walk him back to his toddler bed during one of his many sleep regressions as of late, I’ve realized for the second time today that in many ways, my third child was emotionally easier for me than my first. Earlier today Scarlet told me “Mommy, you handle his tantrums really good”. He was a holy terror dressed in a Power Ranger costume at the veterinarian today. Literally the cutest holy terror you have ever seen. Whatever. I know he’ll grow out of it. The costumes. Most of the tantrums.

Anyway. It struck me — the thing that changed the most from Scarlet’s toddler tantrums on down the line to Shep’s was the way I felt about the tantrum.

I’m not frustrated or embarrassed in the same way I was with my first. Or tired the way I was with my second. I sort of relish these last-of-the-baby-days, while simultaneously getting excited that soon he’ll be old enough to drop his nap and get schlepped along for some of the big trips I have been storing in the back of my mind for a very long time. This tantrum-y, crappy-sleep-phase too shall pass. A little bit with nature, a little bit with nurture.

So. As I sit here outside his room, I can admit. I’d rather bedtime didn’t take like two hours and that he didn’t roll around the floor of the ice cream shop, mad about his sprinkles being on his ice cream instead of on the side. But I’m sleep training while sitting here writing to you, with a glass of wine right beside me, making the most of it, knowing I have a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel episode cued up. Which, by the way, will ultimately be the reason I stay up too late and not get enough sleep.

And it’s all okay. As part of the age range we’re in right now. As part of life. As the kinda-sorta-bitter to the over-the-top-sweet, like Shepherd saying to me this morning, as he applied blush to my leg as I tried to do my makeup on my actual face. He said “Mommy, I’m proud of you”.


So…I’ll be back next week with some fresh content happening this month — new before + after photos of the house, a new ‘10 Things” and a couple of surprises! We had the most amazing trip to Disney World last week, which I can’t wait to write about. All the kids are back in school after a nice long break. So this week, I am allowing myself to sort of rest on my laurels and re-post with a flashback of my most-read articles of 2018. It’s always exciting to me to see what my readers are most interested in.

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I feel like so many of my friends were travelling last week, too — if you didn’t get a chance to read How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution, you’ve got to check it out. Guest written by Laura Conley, it’s superb advice and probably not what you think…

Ahh, I can’t believe these were a year ago, too! And all of these were from Studio City. I’m ready to get some new projects going in our new house. Let me know what you think!

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