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All the August Feels (And, um, does this make me a hypocrite?)

All the August Feels (And, um, does this make me a hypocrite?)

I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet this week because I think that "new-baby" (aka new house) energy has worn off and I'm really, really tired.  The big kids started school today, and it was a huge success!  

We're all moved in and only have moving boxes left in the garage and office, but now we're in the throws of painting.  It sounds like such an easy-going situation, that painting.  

The number one thing I needed to make this place home was to get everything white.  We have a lot of colorful artwork, a giant red chandelier and a rather eccentric taste in rugs and pillows and other whatnots.  So the walls need to be white.  But no sooner did we get everything in its place did the painters show up, move everything out of the formerly pea-green painted closets, and place it all in the center of each room with plastic over it.  

Anywayyyy.  I'm saving the reveal for when everything is all painted.  I'm going to make a little video and show you the before and after pictures, but it's probably going to be about three to four weeks until the shutters and other window treatments come and complete my lil' vision.  I mean, pre-wall paper and all the future projects brahaha...

I need some patient, patient, patient vibes!!!!  

In other news, people in Austin have been SO FRIENDLY to us!  Sterling has a classmate right next door, and Scarlet has a friend one block over.  We've realized we're only two blocks from Lake Austin, which we couldn't really tell before moving in because the trees are so lush you cannot see the water even though we're up a bit and probably could otherwise.  

We're at the top of the culdesac and Scarlet is living out her dream of riding her scooter whenever she darn well pleases.  She even got her first elbow scrape this afternoon and blamed it on daddy for not having her knee pads unboxed yet, haha. 

Anyway.  Something happened this week that sort of made me feel a little hypocritical.  

We went to dinner with Nana and the kids and when dessert came, our lovely waiter who we'd talked extensively with served Scarlet, Pam and I our desserts.  Everyone was getting dessert, but the waiter placed ours down first.  Sterling, the sweet, feisty five-year-old that he is said: "Hey not, fair!"  

I looked at him with that 'shush' look that mama's give and I said, "Sterling.  He's serving ladies first'.  Now, he's heard me say this before, and has even teased his daddy while getting off elevators saying "Ladies first, daddy".  

But this time, he looked at me as I said "Ladies first" and I saw in his eyes that he understood.  And he sunk down a little.  He let it go, though.  

I, on the other hand, had more trouble with it.  It sort of stuck with me.  I'm a moderate, liberal feminist who wholeheartedly believes I am just as capable as my male counterparts.  I believe my daughter can do whatever the hell she pleases when she grows up and there will be a female president by the time she's grown.  Not that that's the benchmark right now, but you know what I mean.  

Am I a hypocrite for teaching my son societal manners?  Am I a hypocrite for appreciating those niceties?    

I'm focusing on moving toward a place of non-judgment of myself and others and I think when you know and appreciate the "rules", you can break them, within reason, too.  

I would never want to hurt Sterling's little spirit over who gets ice cream first, but I think it also won't hurt him to learn to wait his turn and to be polite.  I love 'good manners' and even if Scarlet and I don't really need the door held for us, I still appreciate it.  If that makes me a hypocrite...whoops.  I guess I don't really care.  

What's your take on societal niceties between males and females?  Do they all have to be erased for us to be equal?  What do you teach your boys?  And your girls?  

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