before + after on our new house!

This week, I’ve partnered with Austin Window Fashions who did all of our beautiful window treatments for our new house. Special thank you to Robin and Mary for taking such great care of us!

“If we would have come back to see this house a second time, I would have talked you out of buying it”.

Matt said this in the most complimentary way possible. Basically, he and I took turns having buyer’s remorse when we showed up to move in. At first, I was super positive. I could see the potential for each room planned out in my head with the entirety of this being our own little colonial retreat, updated congruently to the style of the bones of the house, but like, combined with our style and obviously a good amount of wallpaper.

Matt’s mind is more analytical. And we both like things done well and done yesterday.

But back to my compliment. After the paint had dried, some new tile was laid and our plantation shutters were installed, this place started to look like…the home I knew it could be. Even knowing we’ve got more work ahead of us, the first round of renovations really made it ours and Matt was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

I’m so excited to share our before and after photos of our new home with you! We’ve been here for 10 weeks now, and phase one was a big ol’ face lift to this place.

(Before on the left, after on the right. Photos in this series by Austin Window Fashions.)

Phase one for us included:

guest room | decks/swing beds

If you’re into house stuff and are wondering what are plans are for the future for this house, here are my ideas for the next phases:

Phase Two:

  • Wallpaper! My fave.

  • Face lift for two fireplaces

  • New (‘gold”) hardware for all rooms and doors

  • New kitchen appliances and maybe switching from electric to gas (though if I can find a beautiful electric white/gold combo, I might just keep it. I can boil water for pasta faster than the kids can say “I’m hunnnnnnnnngry!”)

  • Marble countertops for kitchen

  • Reno upper dining room cabinets and buffet to have open shelving and marble buffet

  • Update all bathrooms (except master – see Phase Three)

    • New tubs, tile, toilets, sinks, faucets, etc.

    • Knock out walls in the boys’ bathroom to be open as second master suite bath

Phase Three:

  • Knock out walls in master suite and remodel master bath, closets and office

  • Open up stairway

  • New hardwood floors for downstairs and new carpet for both upstairs areas

Phase Four:

  • Paint entire exterior white and add black storm shutters

  • Dutch Door for front door

  • Tear down current cabana to add hotel-like cabana

  • Sports court

  • Landscaping

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