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Glamp, Glamp a Glamp Glamp.  Glamp Glamp!

Glamp, Glamp a Glamp Glamp. Glamp Glamp!

We had the best time glamping with Scarlet's class at El Capitan near Santa Barbara, California.  The accommodations were more 'tiny house' than they were tent, and it was so sweet to share the little space with our kids for the weekend.  

In order to have enough space for our family of five, we stayed at the Corral Lofts, which have king beds, lofts for three, a full sized bath and a little kitchen.  We couldn't have been cozier and the kids would have been happy playing in our quaint little cabin all weekend long.  When we were able to convince them to leave their "tiny house", here's what we did:  

Day 1:  We arrived and unpacked and were blown away by the cuteness of it all!   We set up Shep's travel crib, put the kids' loveys on their upstairs beds and laid out their jammies.  Then we walked on the access road to where the group's cabins were (we needed the larger cabin with a closed-door room for Baby Shep) and there was a common area where the kids ran around and played and the grown-ups had cocktails.  We all ate, watched the sun go down, and enjoyed seeing our kids be free range and climb trees.  That lifestyle is hard to come by in Los Angeles, where we live.  

Day 2:  We hiked and saw Llamas!  Then after lunch, we went to the heated pool and playground, relaxed and showered at our little cabin, and walked back to the common areas for a bonfire, dinner, smores and more free-range kids and grownups!

Day 3:  The kids were up late and woke up earlllly, so we packed up, went for breakfast at the cafe, said au revoir to our friends, and headed home.  We're typically leisurely vacationers, but we came, we glamped, and we were ready to get home.  

Here's what we packed for our two night, three-day adventure: 

The weather was chillier than we anticipated.  I brought layers for my kids (short sleeves that we could add hoodies to, and then jackets on top), but we could have used some extra warm weather clothes.  (This was mid-October).  



Little Boy:

  • Lovey 
  • 2 sets of warm jammies
  • 1 hoodie (could have used 2)
  • 2 pairs of boxers 
  • 2 pairs of socks (he got muddy and could have used an extra set)  
  • 2 sets of shorts and 3 t-shirts
  • 1 bathing suit and rash guard
  • Sweatpants (could have used an extra set as it was colder than we expected)  
  • Water shoes for to and from the pool 

Little Girl:


Kids Toiletries:  

Since we were just going for the weekend, I packed all of the kids together in one medium-sized Tumi suitcase.  I also packed all of their toiletries together to keep it simple.  

Click here for more ideas on what I use to travel with our kids, and here for what we use when we arrive.  

Mommy...and (Daddy packed himself so I don't have a list of photos for that, hehe)

  • 1 bathing suit and cover-up
  • flip flops
  • sneakers
  • socks
  • 1 workout outfit (we went hiking)
  • sweatshirt, jacket and windbreaker
  • 2 sets of pajamas
  • bras + underwear
  • 2 outfits


(This is the stuff that makes me 'overpack'.  Whether it's a 2-day trip or a 12-day-trip, you still need all your toiletries!  

  • Makeup.  Here are my faves!  (Stay tuned on this because I have a new video tutorial (here's my old one!) and some new things I've added to my everyday makeup collection!)  
  • Contacts, glasses, disposable razor, face wipes, q-tips, moisturizers, small bottles of shampoo, etc., pic, brush, deodorant, perfume, dry shampoo

Food + Miscellaneous.  *Announcement:  Mamas, don't worry, they have AMAZING LATTES at the cafe!  

The food at the little cafe at El Capitan is excellent.  I'd recommend the breakfast wrap - they even have vegetarian sausage to go in it!  You could literally eat there for every meal, or run into Santa Barbara.  (They even have BBQ kits you can have delivered to your cabin).  Our class organized meals/catering for most of the meals but we brought snacks and drinks for our own family as well.  

  • Scooters/bikes for the kids
  • Bottles of water
  • Wine + beer.  You can purchase this at the cafe if you forget (but how could you forget??) 
  • Snacks
  • Any special things your kids can't live without -- for us, this is drinkable yogurt
  • Paper plates, plastic cups + plasticware
  • Cork screw.  Duh.  

Looking for more on how we've traveled to nine countries with our little ones?  Check out Mommy Wanderlust and Glaciers + Sippy Cups.  

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#srsly, wtf is self care.

#srsly, wtf is self care.

Slowing. It. Down.

Slowing. It. Down.