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A Six-Week Fitness Challenge I Didn't Have Time For.  Here's What Happened.

A Six-Week Fitness Challenge I Didn't Have Time For. Here's What Happened.

I lost four inches and five percent body fat.  I worked my ass off and it reminded me that this time in the gym was just for me and that I actually really love to workout hard and push myself.

My timing for starting a six-week workout challenge could have been better.  When baby Shepherd starts preschool in May, I will very easily be able to hit up the gym regularly.  9:30 am class after drop off?  Sure! 

So my plan was to wait.  Wait to commit to regular workouts until the summer, and just continue with a little running and a little yoga when I could.  

But after I saw an inspirational video about this little gym near my house that was looking for 40 people to sign up for a six-week challenge, I couldn't help myself.  I was inspired and can't turn down a good challenge.  

People can get stuck thinking they just aren’t capable of meaningful and lasting change when all they really need is a step by step plan designed to build habits!  The best part is watching the shift in THINKING. 
— Patrick Williams, Fuel RX Fitness

When I was pregnant, I ate healthy for my babies.  When I was breastfeeding, I drank extra water to keep up my milk supply.

This challenge?  It was just for me.  

I walked in not knowing what to expect.  I don't have weight loss goals.  This is my happy weight and IDGAF about that.  

But tightening up and lifting my butt a bit?  Now you're speaking my language.   

The workouts are TOUGH, and I love that.   Fuel RX is all about metabolic burst, and the classes offer a different workout each time, often with circuits and movements that hit every major muscle group.  The classes would go by so quickly and when I started seeing the results, I went from dreading the 7:30 pm time slot to being excited for it.  

I lost four inches and five percent body fat.  I worked my ass off and it reminded me that, OH, I really miss working out hard.  

Burpees.  TRX suspension training.  Squats and lunges with weights.  Pulls ups.  High knees with a slam ball.  Wall squats.  You name it, it's in there.  The classes were always varied and always challenging.  

Are you gonna do bear crawls pushing a slam ball across the floor and squeeze your abs if there isn’t a trainer behind you and 50 cent over the speakers?  Yeah, me neither.  

Nutrition plays a huge part in the program.  For me, as a pretty holistic eater and vegetarian, the big takeaway was adding protein to my diet.  Not only does it help the soreness you experience being brand new to these types of workouts, but it helps build the muscle you want.  (Side note: Matt is so pleased I'm finally listening to him because he's been telling me that for years!) 

Now when I'm hungry between lunch and dinner, I make myself a protein shake and drink a glass of water.  

I have more energy (naps by choice and not out of necessity, hehe), my clothes fit more comfortably,  and I can't wait to get back in the gym.  

So the timing was terrible for our schedule.  But you know what?  We are all better for it.  Daddy got some quality time with all three kids.  I got some quality time for myself.  And I realized that for the first time in almost eight years of motherhood, I was doing something for my body.  Just for me.   

Check out my weekly progress photos below from week one through week six, followed by  an interview with Fuel RX owner, Patrick Williams on all things mindset and six-week challenge!  

Q&A With Patrick Williams, Founder of Fuel RX Fitness and their 

"Six Week Challenge"  

Polite As Fudge:  What’s it like seeing people transform (eating habits, body, body image) over the course of the six-week challenge.

Patrick Williams:  Watching the transformation inside and out is really inspiring.  People can get stuck thinking they just aren't capable of meaningful and lasting change when all they really need is a step by step plan designed to build habits!  The best part is watching the shift in THINKING. 

Polite As Fudge: What are the biggest setbacks you see clients face throughout their challenge journeys?

Patrick Williams:  I would say that the biggest setback clients experience (or perceive) is either a lack of progress or progress not fitting exactly into their ideal timeline.  What is so important to grasp is that fitness and weight loss results are not always linear i.e. you will lose one to two lbs a week.  I've seen clients lose like .5 pounds over two weeks and then shabam!  Five pounds the next.

Polite As Fudge:  How much can ‘a body’ transform in six weeks?

Patrick Williams:  I think the best way to respond to this one is just to use a phenomenal example.  We recently had a client who was trying to lose 25 pounds ultimately lose 23 pounds in 6 weeks and about 8 percent body fat!  Results do vary based on so many factors but suffice it to say that people are capable of dramatically changing their bodies, minds, and health in just 42 days.  We focus on teaching how to sustain these changes. 

Polite As Fudge: What percentage of clients meet the goals of the challenge?  (20 pounds or five percent body fat)

Patrick Williams:  This is a great question and one that I get pretty frequently, but it is about 60% so just over half. There are a lot of clients that will lose four percent, 15 pounds, etc. and that is still a win in my book :).

Polite As Fudge: Tell us a little about yourself and Fuel RX

Patrick Williams:  This is the tough part for me... In a pistachio shell, I moved here from Texas to put a ton of sweat equity into Fuel Rx before being able to buy it from the previous owner.  I've been a personal trainer for 12 years and love every aspect of the business.  Fuel Rx focuses mainly on helping women between the ages of 25-65 lose fat, weight, build lean metabolism-boosting muscle and set a good example for their circle of influence.  Our workouts are just 45 minutes, effective, and fun :). The trainers are super compassionate, intelligent, knowledgeable, and understanding.  Without them, Fuel Rx would be nothing!

Polite As Fudge:  Any other important takeaways?  

Patrick Williams:  I think the one thing that ultimately leads to long-term success in fitness and any other venture is accountability.  It takes courage and a really healthy sense of vulnerability to seek it out and follow through. 

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