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Emotion Code:  Is it the Right Healing Tool for You?

Emotion Code: Is it the Right Healing Tool for You?

Emotion Code: A bioenergetic healing modality that helps to relieve people of chronic pain and emotional baggage. It’s akin to reiki and acupuncture but goes deeper by identifying and releasing the core issue of any particular ailment.

No, you haven’t stumbled upon GOOP. My guest today could end up in Gweneth’s lap soon though, so I’m glad we snagged this interview. And right on cue with the leaves falling, Elizabeth Hinton, Emotion Code Practitioner, tells us how this modality helps people to let go of what doesn’t serve them, at the subconscious level, leaving behind your OG, truest, healthiest self.

As you’re about to read, Elizabeth overcame heavy grief after the loss of her parents.

I met Elizabeth in my improv class and I noticed a shift in her over the months we spent together. She seemed happier and lighter than she once had. She left her old career behind. And she began studying and practicing something I had never heard of: Emotion Code.

Before becoming a practitioner herself, Elizabeth voraciously studied psychology, success habits, and personal growth techniques, but she felt the final piece for her in her healing and personal development was the work she did with her own emotion code practitioner and shifting toward a positive mindset.

So what’s a session like? Well, I know firsthand because I did two sessions with Elizabeth over the phone. First, she asked permission. Then we worked on something called “The Heart Wall” which is like barriers a person puts up over a lifetime from experiences they’ve had.

Elizabeth does behind the scenes work to communicate with and release whatever negative energy your body is holding onto, then she gets confirmation if they’ve been released, or if they need more work. Sometimes, like in my case, there are “hidden” heart walls, so after my first 45-minute session, my next one started with releasing the additional hidden heart walls. One was from when I was 15, “frustration” related, she said. Another from when I was 21, and it was “indecision”. Often when she says what the issue was, and the age, I’ll recall a memory and I think “oh, that makes sense”. She was also able to communicate with my body to see what my heart wall was figuratively “made out of”. She laughed and said mine was made of “steel”, which just means its something my child-self knew was a strong material.

I felt lighter after my sessions, and whether you look at it as giving yourself further permission to be fully, powerfully, you, or if you look at it as energies shifting and chakras aligning…I’m totally into it.

Here for her first time on Polite As Fudge, please welcome my friend, Elizabeth.

Q+A with Elizabeth Hinton

Polite As Fudge:   Tell me about the moment you knew you wanted to become an Emotion Code Practitioner. 

Elizabeth Hinton: Well, it was an emotional moment. It was when I began experiencing all the ways this tool was healing me and enhancing my own life, that I couldn't help but think about how this could have helped my recently deceased parents, and maybe even saved one of them. Not my Dad, my Dad died from a freak choking accident. My Mom, on the other hand, died eleven months later of a broken heart and I am certain I could have helped her with this incredible healing tool. Emotion Code found me shortly after she passed, and when I realized I missed out on the chance to help my Mom, I decided to embrace the chance to help others. Helping them live their lives unburdened by emotional, mental, and physical pains. Something I would have loved to have done for her. 

Polite As Fudge: What changes did you experience when you began your own journey with emotion code?  

Elizabeth Hinton: A few months into working with the modality, I was experiencing life is this renewed way. Now mind you, this is also when my life had completely fallen apart. Name any aspect of life and that part of my life was in complete disarray. Emotion Code was really transformative in getting me out of that, it sounds kinda silly but it was like I had a superpower. I was able to break habits, effortlessly heal unhealthy relationships, manifest; essentially remove all these blocks from the past, which then allowed me to come into alignment with the person I wanted to be. I even moved through some pretty heavy grief with relative ease using Emotion Code and Body Code. But if I were to sum up my changes in a few words it would be “mental peace and liberation”.

Polite As Fudge: Was any part of you skeptical when you first began and why or why not? 

I want all of my clients to be able to show up in the world and do their thing, without getting in their own way or being held back by their pasts.
— Elizabeth Hinton

Elizabeth Hinton: Surprisingly no – I’m pretty intuitive and when my intuition says, “yes trust this, do this” I’ve learned to listen to it.  I’m so glad I did because this has been one of my most fulfilling careers to date. Helping my clients unload their baggage is empowering for them and me.

Polite As Fudge: What has your experience been like as a practitioner?  

Elizabeth Hinton: Overall it’s been really positive. My biggest challenge has been skepticism. There’s always a ting of skepticism because this type of healing, bioenergetic healing, requires a new way of thinking about things and looking at root problems; but that skepticism is overcome pretty quickly when people have their first session. I actually think it’s really fun to work with hesitant folks because the results honestly speak for themselves.

Polite As Fudge: What benefits does Emotion Code Therapy have?  How quickly can you expect to feel results? 

Elizabeth Hinton: The benefits are pretty endless actually. I like to explain it like this; the body is simply energy, compacted energy that creates matter. (Remember when we learned about that one in science class.) So imbalances in the body are at their root energetic in nature and can be helped with modalities like Emotion Code. All forms of energy medicine would aid in healing a wide range of ailments from emotional to physical to spiritual; although I do believe Emotion Code and Body Code to be the most advanced bioenergetic healing on the planet because it goes very deep to identify and remove the root issues

I would like to add a disclaimer to that. Energy medicine like Emotion Code and Body Code are incredible healing tools; but I believe they should be a tool in someone’s entire toolbox. All tools, traditional and western medicines are best in tandem, and should never be viewed as one or the other, or all or nothing. All tools are beneficial and have a place in a person’s life.

Polite As Fudge: What does a typical regiment look like for a client? 

Elizabeth Hinton: It’s that answer everyone hates to hear – it depends on the person and the issue. In general, pain is pretty quick to heal, while emotional and mental imbalances can take longer requiring a few more sessions.

Polite As Fudge: What’s the hardest thing you can help someone release?  And what’s hardest on people to carry around that might be easy to release? 

Elizabeth Hinton: Generally, I would say a heart wall and chords with other people are some of the most beneficial things to release. Heart walls can be physically painful and such a burden to go through life with, blocking someone from love and other manifestations. And chords with other people are like these energetic phone lines from one person to the other, and if they’re unhealthy (as many are) they can be so toxic and draining. Removing your heart wall is this uplifting new way of experiencing life, and cutting chords is incredibly freeing and empowering.

Polite As Fudge: What are your biggest takeaways for our readers on emotion code therapy? 

Elizabeth Hinton: The basis of this work is that energy of past emotions and experiences can literally become trapped in our bodies, affecting our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Emotion Code and Body Code are designed to efficiently identify and clear away these roadblocks so you can live the life you want to live. I say give it a shot to see what baggage you get to unload from your past. Plus the first session is always complimentary so you truly only have your baggage to lose. 

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