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My Favorite Date Night Ideas

My Favorite Date Night Ideas

One thing Matt and I have done for ourselves since becoming parents almost eight years ago is to have a babysitter once a week for regular date nights.  Whether it's dinner at the bar at the Bellwether and a movie or an evening out with friends, we both enjoy our time out to reconnect after a busy week.  

We always feel like it's nice to do a little something more than 'just dinner'.  Here are some of our other go-to's:  

My Favorite Date Nights

1.  Dinner + Massage.  I would never have thought of this one on my own, but a friend of mine and her husband do this for their date nights and I totally stole the idea.  It's the best.  We'll do dinner somewhere like Black Market Liquor Bar and then head to The Now or Heaven Massage for a late night massage.

Hint:  If you can sneak away for an afternoon date, Travel Zoo always has the best deals for The Four Seasons.  You can buy a massage at a discounted rate, have access to the pool for the full day, and they even throw in a smoothie or a glass of champagne.  It's the best deal in town.  

2.  Dinner + a Movie/Show.  We love to hit up the movies after dinner.  A few years ago, we got a membership to the Magic Castle in Hollywood and it's just the best.  You have to call almost two months in advance for a Saturday night dinner, but, members can go anytime -- even if they're fully booked  -- for shows and drinks.  Sometimes we'll grab dinner and then catch a show and it just feels like a full on Saturday night out.  

3.  Changing Locations.  If we've already gone out to dinner and it's still early, we'll grab a nightcap somewhere.  We love a good jazz club and Vibrato is one of our faves for a martini at the bar and some great music.  

4.  Tourist in your own city.  We recently booked a sitter and went for a tour of the Peterson Automotive Museum and had lunch.  It is sort of surreal to be out of the house in the daytime without my kids, but it was so much fun and I felt like a real grown up and even brought a tiny purse instead of my giant mom bag.  

5.  Dinner and Target.  Haha.  This should've been number one.  

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More of my um, raps, here.  

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