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Your Best Skin Now.  Tips from LA's Fave Aesthetician, Ricki Criswell

Your Best Skin Now. Tips from LA's Fave Aesthetician, Ricki Criswell

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One of my very favorite things I do for myself is to get regular facials at Ricki Criswell Skincare.  I've been seeing Ricki for years and not only does she give the best skin care tips and the best massages, but she has helped my generally healthy skin through melasma and discoloration after pregnancy.  

Plus, I just love the whole experience.  Ricki knows I like my skin to GLOW, and she gives me the one-two punch of microdermabrasion to combat signs of aging and lighten my melasma, followed by a sense-peel to refresh my skin.  

The coziness of her studio, the hot towels, the sage advice.  It's just the best, and you literally come out glowing.  Here's a little Q&A with Ricki on all of her best skin care tips.  You're welcome. 

Q&A With Ricki Criswell


Polite As Fudge:  What’s your personal skin care routine like?

Ricki Criswell:   I use a daily exfoliating cleanser every morning and night, followed by a Vitamin C serum after I exfoliate.  Then I apply a Vitamin C cream, and finally Azulene cream.  I get monthly facials, with either oxygen or microdermabrasion.  

Polite As Fudge:  What is your number one tip for women to keep their skin healthy?

Ricki Criswell:  No sugar or simple carbs.  I also recommend only drinking water or Pelligrino, and to use SPF 50.  Avoid sun exposure and moisturize both day and night.  

Polite As Fudge:  What’s something most people don’t know about their skin or skin care?  

Ricki Criswell.  Don’t use bar soap. It’s made with carbolic acid to keep it together and leaves a film of dead skin which will make the skin dry and dull.  

Polite As Fudge:  One of my favorite things you’ve taught me is that with your super thick moisturizer, I can reverse the ring lines on my neck.  What’s the best way to apply this for maximum results?

Ricki Criswell:   You should always exfoliate first with a daily exfoliating cleanser or a scrub so the product will penetrate better.  Another important tip is to always be liberal with the amount you use.  

Polite As Fudge:  As you know, I have melasma from my pregnancies and we’ve been working on it bit by bit with microdermabrasion and wearing sunscreen.  What’s your best advice for women who may have melasma?

Ricki Criswell.   Melasma is very tricky to lighten. I have seen microdermabrasion with some of the over the counter lightening gels like PCA pigment gel help tremendously.  Also, laser treatments can remove certain types of melasma.

Polite As Fudge:  What’s the biggest mistake you see women do with their skin?

Ricki Criswell: 

  1. Laying out in the sun. 
  2. Not wearing sunblock. 
  3. Using a washcloth  (This is very abrasive).
  4. Cleansing their skin with bar soap.
  5. Not using moisturizer.  
  6. Too much alcohol, smoking, etc.  

Polite As Fudge:  How do you stay so youthful?

Ricki Criswell:  I feel what helps me stay youthful is a very healthy diet without much sugar.  I only drink water or sparkling water.  I also exercise and take stellar care of my skin which includes:  a daily exfoliating cleanser, followed by retinol, my Vitamin C serum and finishing with my Vitamin C moisturizer and my light moisturizer and tinted 50 sunblock. 

(It's Mandy again:  Ricki has her own skincare line that I use regularly.  It is available for purchase at her studio, and will be available online soon).  

Living in Southern California, the weather is very dry.  I can never forget that it’s not like living on the East Coast where it’s very dewy and humid.  I also stay out of the sun completely unless I’m walking and I always wear a hat.  

Polite As Fudge:  What would your tips be for at home skin care when you can get in for a facial?  

Ricki Criswell:  I would purchase a Clarisonic brush, a good daily exfoliating cleanser and some great skin care products that can really improve your skin.  Avoid products from the grocery store.

BIO:  Ricki began her career in 1989 working for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. She prides herself on staying up to date on the latest advancements and understands how much skin problems can affect one’s self-worth since she has also battled with problem skin.
As a teenager, Ricki spent many years seeking help from Dermatologists, and although they were able to suppress the most serious problems with antibiotics, her skin was never cleared completely. Through the years she continued to be frustrated with her battle with acne until she decided to finally take the problem in her own hands.
She became an Esthetician to gain knowledge of more homeopathic ways to clear her own acne and other skin problems. 
She opened Ricki’s Skin Care and Waxing studio in the Los Angeles area, where she implements a multitude of traditional and progressive treatments to achieve healthy, happy skin and clients.  

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