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I don't know about you.  But I'm feeling 22!  Just kidding.  It's not a milestone birthday for me which makes it even more ridiculous/hilarious that we did a cake smash for my 34th birthday.

There's always something to celebrate when we remember to be true to ourselves, who we are, what we love and what makes us happy.  Even if that's a lavender iced tea in the middle of the afternoon and you have to schlep all your kiddos to the coffee shop to get the one you want.  It matters.  Because you matter -- your feelings and experiences are important, and no one is going to prioritize those things for you.  That's your job.  

And the truth is, no one thinks less of you for prioritizing your needs.  (Plus, turns out, kids actually really like going to the coffee shop and don't mind a bit getting in-and-out of their car seats for the tenth time in a day).  

Being parents of three little ones -- and busier than POTUS on Twitter -- it's easy to for my husband and me to forget to do things for ourselves.  We take turns a lot.  Sleeping in, working out.  But we cherish this time while our kids are little and need us so much because especially the third time around, we know babies don't keep.   They grow up quickly (well, some days) and want to do it "all by myself" before you know it.

In the city we live in, my husband and I are considered young parents.  Totally normal ages anywhere else, but because we were 27 when we had our daughter, 29 when we had our oldest son, and 32 when we had our baby, I hear a lot of 'Wow, you were really young when you had kids'.  Or "You don't look old enough to have three kids!"

This is an example of something that would have made me feel self-conscious in the past.  I'm realizing more and more that it just doesn't matter.  I'm a happy person who is content with my decisions.  So let them be rude.  This is my life experience, not theirs.  They're likely processing something of their own that has nothing to do with me.  I used to internalize shitty comments and think 'oh, they won't want to be friends with [my husband and me] since we're younger'. 

When really, it's the other way around.  If a person is that insensitive and judgemental and eliminates good people as friends because of their age, etc., etc., I don't want to be friends with them anyway.

P.S.  Could you imagine if someone said it the other way around?  "Wow, you were really old when you started having kids".  Yeah, no.  Filters, people! 

Note to self:

You can’t control how other people receive your energy. Anything you do or say gets filtered through the lens of whatever they are going through at the moment. Which is not about you.

Just keep doing your thing, with as much integrity and love as possible.
— @yogainspiration

I've re-implemented a lot of forgotten lessons this year and I wanted to sum it up for you here.  My fave lessons and Polite AF articles, favorite quotes from friends and readers, my newfound love for Instagram Blogging (almost 10k followers!)...and a list of my faves wouldn't be complete without my favorite makeup and kids' products.  Just keep scrollin' down.  <3 

Fave Lessons Learned

1.  Do what's best for you. 

2.  Trust your intuition.

3.  Stand up for what you know is right.

4.  Don't let someone else's "ish" negatively affect you.  I'm talking to you, fellow sensitive/empathetic people

5.  Remember where you came from.  I love my roots.  Dirt and all.    

Faves on Instagram

My husband encouraged me to start an Instagram account alongside my blog, but little did I know it would quickly become one of my most favorite parts of Polite As Fudge!  I'm almost at 10K followers and it's always my goal to encourage and make people laugh.  Did you know I rap?  Haha.  Here are my Polite AF Insta Faves.  

Faves from My Readers

I have all the feels for my readers.  Polite AF is all for you.  And a little for me.  So here's to us and all the warm and fuzzies and to always striving to be good humans.  And forgiving ourselves for not being perfect.  Thank you so much for your support!  

1.  "It's just done so well, adorable and so much fun to read!"  

2.  "I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your last blog post.  I so admire how you handled the issue.  It's how I hope my [kids] will conduct themselves when these awkward life situations arise -- with your strength and a calm resolve"  

3.  "I just read your blog on body image today! I try to read all your posts, I always enjoy them!!!  I just wanted to tell you that I struggle with body image, I have for as long as I can remember. I thought it would get easier as I get older but it really hasn't. Today as I got to read your post, I feel like maybe I can reflect on some of your words on a daily basis!! It's hard to talk about the struggle because we are not fat but yet we feel so strong about not being so skinny, it's such a mental struggle!!!  Thank you for speaking truth!"

I can't tell you how much your words speak to me.  Thank you so, so much <3

My Faves for My Face

This photo includes literally everything I use for makeup, whether it's for day or night, a full face or just some tinted moisturizer.  I have my faves below, but the whole kit and kaboodle is here, as well as my video tutorial on how I do my makeup superfast for daytime.  

1.  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.  I use "natural radiance".  It's just the perfect amount of coverage and shimmer, with a lightweight SPF.  I use this in lieu of foundation.  I love it because it lasts all day, is hydrating, and covers what I want to cover while letting my skin breathe.

2. Benefit Highlighter.  This is my fave!  Swipe it on like war paint on my cheekbones and rub it in for that illuminated look.  

3.  Concealer.  Because sometimes you gotta fake like you slept well.  This stuff is the best -- I use "Medium Light"    

4.  Lash Boost combined with THIS Mascara.  I can't even express to you enough what Lash Boost did for my lashes.  I bought it to be nice because a friend was selling it.  But it made my lashes SO long.   

5.  Nars Blush.  I know it looks bright.  But just a swipe and it makes you look SO GOOD.  Trust me.  

Faves for My Kids

For the full page of my fave kid products, check here!  The short list is below.  Looking for travel faves?  That's here.  <3

1.  Nail art pen.  I paint Scarlet's nails and then use this little pen to make her designs.  We have it in red, white, pink and blue.  All of the necessities, obv.  

2.  Best styling stuff for boys 

3.  Fave kids shampoo and conditioner 

4.  Best Brush

5.  Best stroller.  This thing has been around the world with us.  

A great big shout out to Casey Kuznetzy for this photo shoot.  It was totally her idea and I copied!  She's hilarious and totally inspired me to do my own adult cake smash. 
I also want to thank my fave person, my husband, for literally everything there ever was to thank someone for.  I still don't know how I get so lucky to be your wife.  
My MIL, Pam -- you're amazing.  And Jen!  Thank you both for always being there for me, for editing and proof reading and always for your honestly and support.  
We have to celebrate each day.  Now go out there and live your life to the fullest.  You've got this.

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Got Mom Guilt?

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