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10 Things for Summer!

10 Things for Summer!

Before we get to “10 Things for summer”, If you’re planning any trips, check out these articles for all my best tips before you go!

1. Scarlet and Sterling just wrapped up their first week of saddle camp! It’s a day camp here in Austin where they learn to groom, care for, and ride horses. It was one of those things where they complained a lot about going until they got there and realized pretty much everything about horses is amazing and now they’re hooked. Matt and I both grew up around horses and I’m so happy they get to have this experience. I mean, now they want a pony for the backyard, etc., but luckily we have that exotic baby parrot to be all “we just got this one, see!”

2. I’m pleased to report that Kiwi, the baby parrot is no longer being hand fed avian formula! When we brought Kiwi home about two months ago, the person we bought her from (I say her, but we won’t know Kiwi’s gender until she’s about two years old and either develops a black necklace around the base of her neck - which means she’s a male…or doesn’t — which means she’s a female). She’s eating basically whatever fruits and veggies the kids eat, lots of frozen corn, pellets, and seeds. Oh, and she needs 12 hours of sleep a night, so we cover her up from 7pm-7am. Much easier now, phew.

3. We’re leaving for vacation in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! We’re going to leave from Galveston, Texas on a Royal Caribbean cruise that goes to Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Mexico.

4. We’re also planning to head back to LA for a little visit this summer, but that’s been a little trickier to figure out with timing because….


5. I’ve been cast in an 80s improv musical! That’s exactly what it sounds like - a totally made up musical that changes every week. We have rehearsals - to learn to harmonize on the fly and make up 80s style songs on the spot, complete with a full story arc, and the play starts in August.

6. I’m taking Scarlet to see Hamilton on Sunday! She learned about early American history in school this year and asked if she could go. We’re both super excited.

7. We’ve had a lot of house guests over the past couple of weeks and it’s been super fun, but in the middle of all of that and both of our boys’ birthdays, I had a low key cold, that turned into like, a high key cold, which, when I finally went to the doctor I had bronchitis. Nothing a little ZPack can’t handle - I feel like a new human!

8. We’ve always done swimming lessons for the kids in our backyard with an instructor, but I wasn’t able to find someone to do that yet here in Austin. Our sort of “family rule” is that you can “graduate” swimming lessons when you’re water safe. I was a lifeguard/water aerobics instructor (I’m not joking) in high school and I feel like “water safe” means I’m confident that if they fall in the pool they can easily swim to the side and pull themselves out. I just want them to feel and look strong in the water so I can worry a little less. So Shep started lessons at at local swim school and I thought for sure he’d be super excited about it. He wanted to get in the water, but he didn’t want anyone to help him, touch him, look at him, etc. Hopefully it was just an off day because he has all the confidence and like, zero percent skill and I don’t have the heart to let him cry and be pulled away from me. I had him sit and watch the other kids, and then the deck director was so sweet, she humored him and let him go down the slide and “not help” like he wanted, but then, like helped him get back to the side of the pool. Ugh. I totally thought he’d be the easy-going-swim-lessons kid - funny how dem babies surprise you, right?

9. We wrapped up Shep’d third birthday and are celebrating Sterling’s 6th birthday a little early this weekend. Last year we did little trips for the kids for their bdays at their favorite So Cal locations before we moved and this year, we did parties since we’re in a new place with new friends.

10. I’m getting a NEW website! Two years ago I created this site through Square Space. Having one made from scratch just for me feels like an exciting step. I’ll show you as soon as it’s done!



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