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Tips to Giving a Meaningful Kid-Gift

Tips to Giving a Meaningful Kid-Gift

This is Scarlet, my first-born.  When she turned one and we first hit the kid birthday party circuit, she and I would go the day before the party(ies) {you know -- the two-plus-bday-parties in one day/weekend} to the fancy toy store that wraps the presents for you.  We'd pick an adorable $5 card, and we'd be on our way home to write a personal message.  Maybe I'd have Scarlet scribble something in crayon on the envelope to make it 'extra special' and give her some stickers to slap on to really jazz it up.  So cute.  But we so don't have the time for that anymore.  

Add two more kids to the mix and about 4.5 billion toys bursting from our playroom, hallway closet, pantry, and garage, and I have come to realize that when I give a gift, I want it to be more about what the kid (and let's be honest -- the parents) would really find useful.  

I have a friend who gives my kids the best gifts (thanks, Codi!)  I can name two that she gave my three-year-old off the top of my head that he uses every. single. day.  A custom Lego box that says "Sterling" on the side, and a placemat and plate set that also say his name.  They're super useful, super thoughtful, and now I try to do the same.   

When an evite rolls in (especially for my friend's kids or my children's BFF's) I make a note to myself to order a personal bday present in advance.  

Here are some of my go-tos:  

Etsy - customizable shirts or hats like these 

Freckle Box -- personalized cuteness

And when you have less time to prep but you've got Prime:  

Amazon (of couuuuuurse) - but specifically, this fairy garden - my daughter LOVES hers, AND it was $39 around the holidays and is now $19.  It has the cutest little fairy and tiny gardening tools and includes the seedlings and dirt.  

AND I'll ask my older kids what their friend likes (especially for classmates I don't know as well), and I check to see if I can find a Lego set to match their interests, like these Star Wars Sets.

All-in-all, I spend less time getting more personal gifts than I did going to the fancy toy store, and I feel really good about what we're giving to our friends, especially knowing they all have similar toy closets like ours that are bubbling over with unused toys.  

And as for those birthday cards you forget to buy and then have to rush around to purchase before the party(ies)?  These to/from stickers do the trick, and no one feels guilty throwing them out.  

I'd love to hear your birthday present go-tos!  What do you spend, where do you get the presents from?   


OMG, my FB feed is my Insta's Twin

OMG, my FB feed is my Insta's Twin

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