Polite As Fudge Holiday Gift Guide

I’m moving in the direction of “less is more” with my holiday shopping this year.  I’m always on the lookout for special things for my special people; something they’ll use over and over again, from the kids to Grandma. 

This article is two-fold for me – I basically have my shopping lists done now (yay!), and it’s user-friendly, with clickable links for everyone from your girlfriends to your husband.  Leave a note in comments if you think of anything else I should add!  

Cheers to you, my special readers!  I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful!  Please share, share, share, if you do!  XOXO, Mandy

For (little-ish) Boys

1.  Kids Walkie Talkie!  These are always a hit.  $19.60

2.  Little Boys’ Joe’s Jeans.  I love to put my boys in good jeans.  They last forever (well, until they outgrow them.  I give it a year), are soft and super stylish.  Joe’s Jeans, $49.00

3.  My kids are all about Legos.  I asked my little boy, Sterling, which ones he wanted and he said he couldn’t decide between Lego Nijago, $37.27 and Minecraft Legos, Ocean Monument $172.00.

4.  BB-9E App Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer by Sphero, $119.00

5.  Nintendo Switch.  Apparently, this is THE toy, according to my kids.  And my husband.  He literally said to me, “If we get each of the kids one, do you think they’ll share with me”?  $299.00

6.  Air Jordan Kids.  So stylish.  $62.98

7.  Evo Bot.  Another of the hottest toys this year.  Both of my kids are getting one and I know they’re going to love it!  $84.99 and I’m thinking about this Iron Man Skin for it, too! $24.99

For (little) Girls

1.  Tiny Interactive Baby Monkey.  Yup.  I’m ordering this today before the prices start getting scalped.  They’ve already gone up since I posted this.   Fingerlings, $46.79  (Apparently, the Unicorn Fingerling is even more coveted, the scalper’s price is now $69.99)

2.  Scarlet Red Dress.  My girl loves to dress up and I love for her to have at least one high-end dress for shows and dinners and her fave…Disney CruisesRalph Lauren at Saks, $379.00

3.  Woodbury Gotz Dollhouse.  American Girl doesn’t make one, but this Pottery Barn dollhouse fits AG girls perfectly!  It’s on special right now!  $349.00

4.  Lego Friends Ski Lift Set, $59.99

5.  Juicy Couture Jump Suit.  Scarlet had a pink one she wore for YEARS and she has finally outgrown it.  I’m getting her this, she’ll be so surprised AND I’m going to have it embroidered with her name on it!  Juicy Couture Little Kids 2-Piece, $27.97

6.  The next best thing to a real bunny.  These slippers.  Steve Madden Kids, $24.95

7.  Nintendo Switch.  She wants one.  Her brother wants one.  This is the gift of the season.  $299.00

For Baby

1. Fleece Footie Jammies.  You can never have enough of these and they’re not always available year-round.  Carters, $7.97.

2.   Interactive Ice Cream Cart by LeapFrog, $78.73

3.  Nununu Baggy Pants.  These are my fave for my boys.  Stylish and cozy.  $37.80

4.  Vacuums!  I’m going to see if I can get a video of him saying “vacuum” because it’s hilarious.  This is one toy he has that he ALWAYS plays with.  Get this for any baby in your life and be the hit of the party!  Dyson Kids’ Vacuum, $39.99

5.  Maui Swing & Sounds Doll, Hasbro $24.97.

6.  I love gifting these little Burberry Callum Tees.  They’re the perfect price point, and they are built to last.  I pass these down from my oldest son to the baby and they still look brand new.  Just buy a dark color.  Hehe.  Burberry, $39.99

7.  Baby Shepherd is OBSESSED with other babies.  The first toy he goes to at this “school” playgroup is a baby doll, so this is the first thing on my list!  Bathtime Doll Set, $25.87

For Hubby

1.  Pharrell Adidas.  My husband loves these!  $100.00

2.  Dell XPS 15 Laptop.  Work hard + play hard.  My husband is a tech nerd and he loves this because it is lightweight, premium, and powerful.  $2,143.99

3.  Quay Sunglasses.  My husband and I both lose our sunglasses all the time.  This is the perfect price point if you’re not sure you can hold on to them but want something stylish.  $50.00

4. Red Flannel Button Down by Flag & Anthem, $59.50

5.  Tumi Backpack.  My husband uses this for his day-to-day briefcase, as well as for travel.  Fits that laptop above.  $292.00

6.  My husband was like “you gotta put this on the list”.  After more than a decade, we canceled our super expensive Direct TV and now we use this:  Roku Ultra.  He’ll be so impressed.  (And you’ll save a ton of $$).  $129.99

7. Stance Sock Set.  My husband says these are “really popular” right now.  I should’ve just called this whole section “my husband says”.  Here’s the HUGE set , $280.00 for 13 pair (because what Hanukkah or Christmas would be complete without a big ol’ set of socks).  And here’s less of a sock-commitment.  $29.97

For Grandma

1.  Bay leaf wreath.  So pretty for the holidays!  Etsy, $29.50

2.  Gemma Velvet Driving Slippers, Target, $19.99

3.  Rose Burberry Scarf, $435.00

4.  Gold Measuring Cups, loving gold-everything right now!  World Market, $12.99

5. Women’s Nike Roshe Sneaker in Grey.  $69.90

6. Ipad Case.  Casetify, $40.00

7.  Light Pink Cashmere Throw Blanket, $479.00

Gifts for YOU!

Buy it for yourself or send this to your husband, mom, bff, etc.  

1.  Buffalo Plaid Jammies.  I love this pattern!  Thermal Sleep Leggings, Old Navy $19.99

2.  Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer.  The “it” dryer for healthier styling. $300.00

3.  YSL Crossbody Bag.  Good for daytime or night, and in the color of the season. $696.00.  Another bag I’m loving for every day here and a pretty wallet here.

4.  Explosion Stacking Ring.  Harrod’s.  Similar ideas here, here and here.

5. Velvet cocktail dress for NYE.  Cityshop.  $191.  Similar ideas here.

6.  Chunky Blanket.  Who wouldn’t want this?  Etsy, $247.50

7.  HP Spectre X360 Convertible Laptop.  This is the laptop I use — my husband got it for my for my birthday.  It has a touchscreen, can be converted into a tablet, is powerful and user-friendly.  And has gold accents.  Loving it.  HP, $1,499.99

Friends + Hostess Gifts

1.  Essie Holiday Gift Pack.  Great alternative to a bottle of wine (or heck, in addition to a bottle of wine!)  Essie, Ballet Slipper/Wicked $10.00

2.  Molton Brown Rhubarb + Rose Wash & Lotion Gift Set.  This is my husband’s favorite hand soap.  It’s excellent quality, gentle on your skin and smells great.  $72.00

3.  Cozy Velour Dog Hoodie.  OMG, this is so cute.  Express, $17.45

4.  Set of 3 Gold MIxing Bowls. Target, $24.99

5.  Hey Babe Pillow by Pottery Barn, $25.50

6.  Liberty for Anthropologie Journal, $26.00

7.  Anthropologie Rose Gold Stretch Bracelet, $22.99