Father’s Day Gifts from a Tired Mommy

Matt’s been a daddy now for eight years!  He’s the most well put together human I know, and he is fudging impossible to buy stuff for.  He has a closet full of beautiful clothes, and he always reminds me that “men’s fashion doesn’t change like women’s does”.  In an effort to find something special for the kids and me to give him on Father’s Day morning, I used this as more of a brainstorming exercise for myself, and I have my fingers crossed maybe you’ll find it useful for the ‘hard to buy for’ man in your life, too.  Cause I have to be honest, part of me is like “I’m really tired, we’re about to move a lot of people, animals and stuff across the country — um, the kids and I are your gifts”. 

But I adore him, and as tired as I am, even if I have to pull something out of my [insert politically correct G-rated alternative here], I’m gonna make it a nice Father’s Day.  The little details (and enjoying them) make all the difference in a life well lived, and I think remembering and being remembered are so important.  Even if I’m sometimes like “we share a bank account, so is it really a gift?”  Who said that???

Anyway…we’re gonna BBQ with our family friends the day-of, and I’m going to do something great for Matt (I’m choosing from between numbers two through four below).  

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1.  Last year in an effort to do something special for him, I tried to surprise him and have my friend Amy with Clutter Away LA do a professional organization of his closet.  It was a little risky because along with the surprise, Amy and I went through and purged things ourselves that we felt were outdated, not worn, or that he had too many duplicates of.  It went pretty well, but he will still sometimes randomly ask me if I’ve seen one never-worn thing or another and we kind of just assume got donated on to live its next life in someone else’s closet.  I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat because:

  • He can easily find everything now
  • It’s more pleasant for me to walk by and not feel like I have to close the door or be caught in an avalanche of stuff about to fall on me
  • It’s pretty easy to maintain and is so much more streamlined with the things he actually wears.

2.  OMG when we were purging, I think we counted a total of like 12 pairs of white shoes in Matt’s closet.  They’re kind of his thing, and he was so excited this week when his new white Vans came in the mail.  Crisp and fresh new kicks.  He sprayed them and let them dry outside overnight, then proudly wore them to work with his jeans and suit jacket signature, and some lady in a rush at Starbucks spilled her coffee all.over.his.shoes.

So I’m gonna get him something like these (all images from here down are click through to purchase):

3.  Summer stuff. These things you can’t really go wrong with:

Swim Trunks.  I’m super into everyone being all matchy-matchy right now, so I like these (below) for him that have kids trunks to match.

Sunglasses.  I like these (below).  They’re fashionable, yet extremely reasonably priced for people like Matt and me who lose ours all the time.

4.  Matt caught me writing this and was sweet enough to give me a few more ideas!  See, told ya, not too many surprise gifts comin’ in on Father’s Day #8, but to be celebrated, remembered, and loved SO much by your whole little family?  That’s the good stuff.