My Hair is Dirty AF (and Better Than Ever)

My mom was visiting from back East and we were chatting it up with my then two-year-old son, Sterling.  He asks about forty million questions per day and this day’s topic was where the sun goes when it’s nighttime here.  We’d had this conversation before and he told us “the sun is up in China when it’s done being daytime here!”  And my mom was like “I’m fifty years old and I have never thought about that in my life!”

I’ve had a similarly profound moment in my life recently and it’s (obv) centered around DRY SHAMPOO. I used to wash my hair  If I didn’t wash it, my hair looked greasy and my cowlick on the crown of my head stuck straight up like Alfalfa.  Until one day, the Patron Saint of The Dry Bar let me in on a little secret — you have to train your hair.  It’s like a workout for your locks – wear it down on the day you wash it, and up on the second day, until the greasiness slows down.  If you have thick hair, you can push it to three or four days (and you’re my hero).

I used to have time to wash my hair and blow dry it on the daily and now three babies in, I’d like to make that blow dry last as long as possible.  I’ve made up for lost time though, and have pretty much tested all of the best that Amazon has to offer and this is what I’ve decided:

Some dry shampoos smell terrible.  Like cat pee.  I’m not kidding.  These have different scents and are ahh-mazing.  It says it’s UK’s Number 1 and hey, I believe it.  I’ve used it every-other-day for about a year now and I swear by it.

How often do you all wash your hair???

I’m growing out my eyebrows next – wish me luck!