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My 5 Favorite Creature Comforts

My 5 Favorite Creature Comforts

I was all set to write about my favorite winter creature comforts for this week’s article. You know, like when you’re sort of stuck in the house due to the weather, or I don’t know, say, your kids passing around viruses for three out of four weeks of the month and each waking up like two times a night for what seems like eternity? So I was going to write about the nice things to do for yourself when your stuck inside to bring your own sunshine and cozy comfort no matter what the external circumstances are.

I’m still gonna write about it, but the weather is more unpredictable than Shepherd’s toddler tantrums and it’s nice enough that I’m sitting outside writing and it’s supposed to be 89 degrees today!

So anyway, here are my top five comfort indulgences I’ve been doing for myself, and also a little reminder that even when the sun’s been hiding and it’s gloomy and rainy or snowy or whatever, making some of your own sunshine is always readily available to you, so go get what you need!

  • Tidy Spaces. My nightstand drawer was a mess. I decided to get some drawer dividers and clean it out, leaving only what I really use and need. That meant the broken legos, old baby monitor and permanent blue sharpie weren’t necessary. And I was totally going to cheat and not take everything out that way I’ve been taught here, here and here, but the entire drawer ending up falling on the floor as I was trying to quasi-organize and everything fell out anyway. Here’s the before and after:

I filled it back up with: pretty “marble” and gold coasters ($19.99)| cuticle oil (like this one from OPI for $9.99) and Rose essential hand lotion from Trader Joe’s| relaxing linen spray ($9.99) | 1 hair tie | my wireless mouse | my Five Minute Journal ($22.95) and other notebooks | my glasses | wireless headphones | 1 pen | 1 charger. That’s all I need in this drawer and I’m not embarrassed for anyone to open it now.

  • Lavender neck pillow. I’m obsessed with this thing ($24.99). I heat it up in the microwave for 90 seconds and its warm and wonderful and smells like lavender. So relaxing for my neck and shoulders, and the company I bought it from has a beautiful back story.

  • Rose Oil everything. The scent of rose oil is maybe the most delicious thing I’ve ever smelled and it’s everywhere right now. First, I started using Fresh Deep Hydration Face Cream, then I discovered Trader Joe’s has an amazing, super thick hand cream, rose facial oil, and rose facial toner and if I remember correctly, they’re each like five bucks.

  • Naps, exercise and the luxury of time. I have no room for guilt in my life, so if I can squeeze in a nap on a day we’ve had too little sleep, it’s my super fave. I also find I feel soooo much better when I make sure to go for a run and take the time to shower, like for real.

  • Dranks. Right now, I’m super into:

    • Coconut sparkling water. It’s like my summer treat in the winter. LIke 89 degrees on a February Friday.

    • Lavender Lattes. (Just add a pump of this to your morning brew)

    • Iced Tea with lemon

I feel like going that extra mile is always worth it to make it special for yourself. I like to keep iced tea ready in the fridge, with lemons pre-sliced and ready to go. And my lavender syrup is so handy, with it’s little pump, and it’s my morning treat right now.

If you’re looking for more self care, check out this article I did with body positivity powerhouse Rachel Spencer. And mom guilt is so passe. If you need a pep talk on that, check out this article. Ooh, and PS - did you notice I snuck in a pic of baby Scarlet at the very top! Doesn’t she look a bit like Shep with hair?

XO, Mandy

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