In the Closet with Gili Niv


Celebrity Stylist, Gili Niv took one look in my closet and was like “um, what is going on here?”  The first thing she did was arrange things by color.  Then she took one look at this cotton, short sleeved dress I had bought for post-pregnancy about five years ago and she was like “no one should be wearing this”.  And there you have steps one and two for fixing your closet before your stylist friend takes a look.

Gili’s Tips for Maintaining Your Wardrobe:

1)  Let it go.  Get rid of what you shouldn’t wear, what you don’t wear and what your mother would wear.  Gili says 80 percent of what’s in your closet, you don’t use.  That totally inspired me to go through and purge what I no longer wear and now I can really see what I have and I’m wearing more of my clothes.

2)  Arrange by color.  I had mine by tanks, tees, dresses, etc. But after we rearranged it to whites, yellow, blue, etc. it really did look much better.

3)  Move Yoga Pants, Get out Tha Way.  Okay.  When I was in school, if I felt like I was going to do poorly on a test (A- is the ducking worst, ya feel me fellow Type A’s out there?), I would put on my favorite outfit of the minute, do my hair and makeup just so, and feel amazing about myself to conquer that test.  Maybe my youthful self was onto something.  “You just feel better when you’re put together”, is Gili’s advice.  And you know what?  You’re right Gili — I’ma get out of my Fabletics (JK, Kate Hudson.  I love you Fab, I’m just gonna save it for when I’m actually working out).

4)  Following trends isn’t necessary.  I was surprised to hear a stylist say this.  Gili says everyone looks good in jeans — you just have to find your jeans.  Then…

5) Invest in high quality staple pieces:  jeans, t-shirts, bags and shoes.  And VOILA — simply fill in with what you need.

Naturally, I’ve saved the best for last.  Gili gave me her ideal summer wardrobe idea and I’m totally stealing it – black tank bodysuit with jeans, slides and a good bag.  Good bye, trends — hello, put-together-ish!

 Gili Niv | Wardrobe Stylist |  |  Gili Niv | Wardrobe Stylist | |

A few things to help get your closet in order

 Slim Hangers make the world go 'round.   Slim Hangers make the world go ’round.

  Foldable bins  for all those miscellaneous things you don't know where to put in your closet  Foldable bins for all those miscellaneous things you don’t know where to put in your closet

  Wire bins  - you can see everything that's in there and that GOLD!   Wire bins – you can see everything that’s in there and that GOLD!

  Rag & Bone  T-Shirt  Rag & Bone  T-Shirt

  Hudson Jeans   Hudson Jeans