Getting into the Holiday Spirit with The Lythgoe Family’s “Beauty and The Beast : The Christmas Rose”

We love to take our kids to theater shows.  They’ve been to everything from Matilda in London to Yo Gabba Gabba when that was still a thing in Downtown LA.  But believe it or not, we’d never taken them to a pantomime show.  In fact, I didn’t even know what it was until we sat down last night at The Lythgoe Family’s “Beauty and The Beast:  The Christmas Rose“.

Pantomime is a centuries-old British style theater where the audience becomes part of the show.  You boo the bad guys, cheer for the good guys, and get super silly.  It’s the perfect intro to theater for little ones, and a super-fun, raucous time for the adults.

This show put us into the holiday spirit, with a Winter Wonderland before the show featuring face painting, hair by Rock Your Hair, arts and crafts and more.

Tip:  I would suggest giving yourself thirty minutes to an hour before the show to explore the Winter Wonderland.  There’s plenty to do and see.  

When the show began, our kids were so sucked into the performance, Sterling was upset there had to be an intermission.  He especially loved the “Dancing Wolves”, but little did he know, they were so amazing because they were alumni dancers from So You Think You Can Dance.  And ahem, the choreography was done by Mandy Moore!  The Mandy Moore!

When the show ended, we were the first ones to head outside (school night!) and we were surprised by snow (see video below!)  The Lythgoe Family really brought the theater experience full circle, with so much holiday delight for kids from one to ninety-two (you know, the song, there were no age limits hehe)

You can purchase your tickets for the show here.

OH, and if you’re wondering what to wear, I was pleasantly surprised to see that dressing for the theater was not lost on the opening night audience.  Some people were casual (like us!), but some of the kids wore their holiday clothes and I wished we had, too!  So much fun to dress up.  Additionally, I always like to know in advance that you can purchase treats for the kids, and beer and wine for the adults.  

Thank you so much for having us, Lesley-Anne Stone and The 12 Company.