Host + Enjoy – An Easy Peasy Brunch

Recipes + Menu Below!  

My mother-in-law, Pam, is basically an expert at life.  She’s the heart of the party, lights up every room and I joke that she’s the honorary mayor of Los Angeles because wherever we go she knows someone.  She’s basically an international woman of mystery and regularly spots someone waving her down even when we’re halfway across the world.

She knows how to live and enjoy and man can she host a party.

Pam, or Nana, as my babies fondly refer to her, has thrown everything from giant tented surprise parties at her home to grand museum lunches complete with runway shows, to backyard baby showers (for little ol’ me).  But it’s her ease of hosting and attention to detail that make everything she touches sparkle.

I LOVE to host and I like to emulate her skills.  I’m going to steal her idea for brunch next time we have friends over and you totally should, too.  She’s got that host AND enjoy thing down, doesn’t stress, and includes her guests in the kitchen.  Here’s how:

Every year for Easter Brunch, Pam sets up a choose-your-own-ingredients omelette bar.  She preps the veggies and whips the eggs before we arrive, and when it’s time to eat, we all gather ’round the kitchen island and snack on homemade guacamole and chips while the veggies saute.  And as if cheesy, veggie filled omeletes weren’t enough, she also preps batter for homemade waffles.  The kids get chocolate chip (and some of the grown ups do, too), and she has fresh whipped cream and ripe strawberries.  It’s divine.

This particular meal gathers us all in the kitchen, and the prep work and clean up is much less labor intensive than the traditional holiday spread.

And her wise words on this occasion?  “There’s nothing more satisfying for a host than people who enjoy their food”.

I’ll throw wine in there, too.  You’re always welcome if you like food, wine + laughter <3



Nana's Homemade Guacamole:

Two ripe avocados, smash with fork.  Chopped Cilantro to taste.  Chopped tomato + onion.   Two dashes of Tobasco Sauce.  Squeeze of lime.  Stir together - VOILA!  Ooh, and leave the core to the avocado in the center to keep from browning.

Nana's Homemade Whipped Cream:

Fresh whipping cream.  Add sugar while blending (with immersion blender - we got this one for our wedding eight years ago and love it) until you reach desired sweetness.  Touch of vanilla, if you like.

Omelette How To:

Throw a slab of butter in a small frying pan.  Add desired veggies + saute on medium.  When the veggies are cooked to your preference, use approximately two eggs (beaten with milk), and add to the veggies.  (Should be combined together in pan).   When eggs begin to cook, use a spatula to lift the eggs and let the runny part flow to the pan to cook.  When you are lifting and the eggs no longer run, place a lid on the pan and reduce heat to medium low or low.  When the omelette appears done to your preference, sprinkle with cheese and use two spatulas to fold over.  Leave for a minute.  When cheese is melted and omelette is closed, take off the lid and slide the omelette onto your plate.

Bisquick Waffles:

Follow Bisquick Waffle Recipe + fill into (Nana's Trusted VillaWare Waffle Maker).  Don't forget to use Pam Spray (one spray on each side for 5-6 waffles), as well as a tester waffle to check the temperature.