A Note on Gratitude + Balance

Cozying up with the baby while my husband took our older two kids to school, giving us both a chance to rest and skip the morning drop-off’s to kinder and then pre-school, a two hour trip.   The baby and I did this trek for 7 months, nursing on the go, me with very little sleep and lots of night wakings.  We’ve now changed up our routine in a way that works for both my husband and I, with him taking our eldest to school at 8am, and then I take our son to pre-school a little later.  We’re lucky to now get to leave the baby home with our nanny/housekeeper for his morning nap, which also gives me a little break.

This moment was made possible by my husband and as I work on my daily gratitude and appreciation, I am so thankful to him for the sacrifice he makes to give me a moment of zen.
Since he began commuting 12 miles across Los Angeles Monday through Friday, he spends an average of 3-4 hours in the car daily.

Our baby was 3 months old when he started his new job, and on average, I woke up to nurse Shepherd twice a night.  In addition to the night wakes, kindergarten had started, and we had to be up at 6:30 in order to get lunches for my three and six-year-olds ready — getting myself and everyone else dressed, and all the other things it takes to get a young family of five out the door.

And so we’d put all three kids in my car, and I’d head off to the first drop off, find something to do until the second drop-off at 9, and then finally get home with the baby at 9:45 or so.
I exhausted myself. I was terrible at asking for help and without a thought, I neglected my own needs – sleep, healthy food, exercise. The basics.

In December, after a month of passing around the flu and every other germ we could get our hands on, Matt started taking on some of the driving of the kids. We went back to taking turns going back to sleep on the weekend. I’ve gotten better with accepting help and asking for what I need, as well as not taking on too much.

I want to do it all!  Don’t we all?! But we’ve added a third tiny human to the mix and that is no small feat. I’m taking more time for myself, letting go of the guilt of it. I am grateful to my close friends (the Jens, looking at you), my awesome kids, and most of all my husband. And oh yeah, myself.

I am so THANKFUL for it all. Here’s to finding the ever-changing balance of life.

How do you keep the balance?