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Austin in a 3-Day Weekend.  What to See + Where to eat.

Austin in a 3-Day Weekend. What to See + Where to eat.

As I sit down to write this, Matt’s out at a tech meetup thing-a-ma-jig, my babies are all sound asleep after about a 2.5 hour bedtime marathon with Shepherd as running champion at staying awake the longest, and I’m about to turn on My Father the Hero, have my glass of red, and blog in the background.

My aunt Jodi is coming to visit from Pennsylvania and I’m so excited. She’s been one of my favorite people my whole life and it just makes me so happy when I get to see her. She reminds me of my Nana, her mom, and her laugh and sense of joy for life, kids and pups is contagious. So she’s coming from PA, but her son, my cousin, Jevin, and his girlfriend Coco are coming in from Vegas to stay with us as well.

Jevin is my big kids’ IDOL so they are SUPER pumped and bought him random cards at the car wash today that make no sense (ie, it is NOT his birthday) but made them laugh hysterically. They can’t wait to play tricks on Jevin and make him play hours of video games, etc., etc.

Anyway, they’re here for a three day weekend and we wanted to find a good mix of relaxing around our new place and showing them some of our favorite parts of Austin. So here are some of our favorite things so far!


  • Paddle boarding on Ladybird Lake

  • This is a combo, but Rainey Street is a must see when we have guests. It’s the cutest little street of restaurants and mostly bars, but many of the bars are in converted homes and it’s just adorable.

  • Zilker Park. Train rides, Barton Springs Pool, running trails, etc., and walking distance to some really great restaurants.

  • 6th Street. It’s a sight to see. Without the kids. They shut the streets down for blocks and blocks and it’s a huuuuuuge party you have to see to believe.

  • Electric taxi ride. This is ridiculously fun. When we came to Austin to buy our home, we took the kids on an electric taxi and had him drive us to the main places to see in the city. They play whatever music you want and the taxi is totally open. So naturally, when my girlfriends came, we hopped into a party taxi and they loved it just as much as we did with the family. So I’m gonna say this is a must.

  • South Congress. It’s a mix of kitschy shops, outdoor music and upscale hotels and brunch spots. If you’re having a meal, I’d say you need 2-3 hours to see South Congress. This is also where you can find a ton of wall murals, like my pic with Willie Nelson below.

  • Downtown. We love to walk from North Italia to Yummi Joy candy and ice cream shop for a Friday night treat for the kids. I also love Austin’s beloved jewelry designer, Eliza Page’s downtown location.

  • The Domain. For some really, really good shopping and dining.


On the Menu at our House

I like to have things on hand so that I can easily serve a meal for a big group. If you’ve eaten dinner at my house, you’ve probably had this eggplant parm casserole which is my fave. I also like to do a make-ahead french toast casserole recipe for breakfast paired with these easy make ahead eggs.

If you missed all the details about how we put together our guest room and playroom/loft, check this article!

Have a great weekend everybody!



so, um -- do you take your own advice?

so, um -- do you take your own advice?

old traditions + new city

old traditions + new city