Polite AF <3

Welcome to Polite as Fudge!  My husband, Matt and I had been tossing around the idea of a modern etiquette blog for me as my creative outlet and a way for me to get back into writing after being a stay-at-home mama for almost eight years.  And okay, I'm sort of a stickler for good manners.  What started as an idea for a blog on How to Fire your Gardener (seriously, like when you've had the same gardener forever and they're terrible but you're too nice to let them go -- what do you do?), has evolved into a lifestyle blog for handing what life throws at you with grace and balance.

I studied Journalism and Communications at the Annenberg School for Media and Communications at Temple University in Philadelphia a thousand years ago (Magna Cum Laude, 2006.  If you can't boast on your own website, then where?).  I have a passion for writing and interviewing.  I love to write pieces that will inspire and help people.  My past experience has been in writing for news radio, and in communications and marketing for a foreign policy organization at USC.  And now, I mostly tend to my home and family of five, and when I'm hit with an idea that moves me, I have a place to write it down.  That's here.  

Check back for my weekly posts, written at nap time!  

If you're interested in being interviewed, collaborating, advertising or need a guest writer, please email me at mandyis@politeasfudge.com.  

Here we go!  I do hope you enjoy!



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