Swing beds, birthdays and stopping to smell the roses

Laser tag? Check. Steamed artichokes? Check, check. It’s Scarlet’s 8th birthday we’re talking about here, so you know she knew exactly what she wanted. Since we just moved a little over a month ago, she wanted to have her two new friends and their families over to watch an outdoor movie while having dinner, and run around to play laser tag.

We did an ice cream bar with sprinkles, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce and cherries, and boxed Funfetti cupcakes. It was sweet and simple and just what she’d hoped for.

And the furniture I’ve been the most excited about has arrived! Two swing beds for the second story porch. So far we’ve played Guess Who on the swing beds, had breakfast and added two little cup holders for the ultimate accessories.

I’m actually sitting on one right now as I type away because I’m determined to make this an actually-used part of the house and not just one I get excited about and forget we even have, ha!

I think…it actually feels like we actually live here now, like we’re not just visitors, not just under construction in a temporary situation…but like, we actually live here. As I sit on my swing bed, having just given myself a chance to doze off for a minute after a hectic couple of um, months, I’m learning to allow myself to ‘be’ sometimes.

It’s not an easy mindset shift when you’re used to a faster-paced everything. But the sway of the trees and the buzzing of whatever giant bug is far enough away for me to appreciate it reminds me to take a moment to connect to my breath and let myself feel at rest and at peace.

Scarlet came home from school this week asking if we could go see Hamilton when it comes to Austin in the spring. I put on the soundtrack and there it was:

“Alexander Hamilton”
We are waiting in the wings for you (waiting in the wings for you)
You could never back down
You never learned to take your time!
Oh, Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton)

You never learned to take your time. How poignantly American. This Broadway show is both effectively inspiring and cautionary because it strikes a cord in the life of its audience. We all feel that sometimes.

No time, hurry up, be that now, do better now. Do it all now. But that’s not how it works. Life. Our bodies. Our brains. Improvement, whether its in your home, in yourself, or out in the world…takes time.


We have a finite time here as who we are. And that’s true for everybody. So as I learn to accept where I’m at today, to accept that I can’t do everything or be everything in this moment, I’ve realized that I can be fully me, more present, and help impart what I learn on my journey with you.

Next week I’m interviewing Spark Your Shine founder Laura Conley. She’s a life coach and yoga instructor and she gets to the nitty gritty of what’s holding you back in whatever area you’re wanting to work on in your life. I’ve always been so curious about what a life coach does and I got to experience it firsthand!

Stay tuned!