I’m Dropping the “Mommy Blog”.

I had dinner with a soul sister of mine — a fellow seeker, fellow mother — an always-have-your-back kind of friend.  She read my newsletter from a few weeks ago in which I sort of announced I was dropping the mommy blog title.  “What’s going on with your blog?” she asked me. 

Well.  I don’t know if I can eloquently explain my vision, but I’ll try.  I feel like I want this blog to be inclusive and I told her, “In my most emo moment, I wrote in the notes section of my phone “a Lifestyle Blog for seekers”.  

I know.  Emo.

So many of my readers are parents, but not mothers.  Or friends who have grown children, or are pet parents, or who are just stumbling across my blog because it pops up when you Google “Can I put Lash Boost on my eyebrows”.

I think to call this a Lifestyle + Mommy Blog pigeonholes both the scope of what I want to write about, and my audience into that niche, and I want to broaden my scope. 

I’m changing, and I’m throwing my whole self into the new.  Into a new sense of self-worth as a person, writer and mother, the things I identify myself most as.  I am a person, a writer and a mother and I wish to live an impeccable life and excel at those three things.  


The changes will be subtle, but meaningful to me.  Polite As Fudge is now an all-encompassing Lifestyle blog and some things you can expect to read about in August are “Manifesting”, read about my very own “Fairy Godmother” and really, whatever moves me.  But what moves me is leading an impeccable life, which is a Buddist term for the following:

So.  Follow along, and all my friends’ husbands who read this, you don’t even have to tell me anymore, because you are welcome here, it’s not just for Mama’s, it’s for everyone who’s seeking and yearning to learn and live their best life. 

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