Summer at “Camp Mommy”

The dog days of summer are upon us!  With the kids home and counting down “how many sleeps” til’ our upcoming vacation and relishing the last days of summer until school starts, we’ve been doing a little bit of adventure and a little bit of R&R.  I love having a busy household and there’s nothing better than the kids having fun and getting silly together (bonus points if they don’t fight over who sits where on the couch, etc., etc).

Here’s a little video we put together that was inspired by “Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas“.   We were crying laughing when we watched and we just had to make our own with our funny little baby (and new walker!)  We just happened to have an American Girl Shave Ice Shop and a baby who loves and hates to play with cleaning supplies.  Seriously, they make him very happy as well as very frustrated — garden hoses, watering cans, spray bottles.  He loves and hates them all!

Hope you enjoy!