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10 Things!  New Year, New Month, Let's Go!

10 Things! New Year, New Month, Let's Go!

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Sometimes when you think you’re tired and you’ve kind of accepted that this is the eb and flow of life — (you know — that sometimes you will be tired, and sometimes you will be rested and it’s kind of your job to find a way to get what you need. Or to change your perspective?)

You know when they’re home sick with little colds and fevers but they’re still battling each other with light sabers? That’s where we’re at right now.

You know when they’re home sick with little colds and fevers but they’re still battling each other with light sabers? That’s where we’re at right now.

Well, sometimes you come to that realization and then your toddler pulls a new trick and starts waking up at 5:30 in the morning and he does it enough days in a row that even the days he sleeps past that hour, your circadian rhythm wakes you up and you think you hear the flap flap flap of his feet on the floor so you’re awake, relieved he’s still asleep, fall back to sleep yourself only to have him come thwap your sleeping husband upside the head 25 minutes later. It’s been a rough couple of weeks of sleep around here with the boys passing little cough-and-fever-viruses (and as I was finishing up this article to publish, Matt and Scarlet turned around from school drop-off — now she’s not feeling well either).

But. It’s not the flu (knocking on wood). It’s a fresh month. It’s Friday. Everyone in my house is back to sleeping til a reasonable hour, I’m so ready for the weekend and I have a 10 Things to share with you today!

1. Shep is in a serious costume phase. He wants to wear one every single day, but his favorite right now is “Dark Elevator”. Here he is in full dark side meltdown. It’s funny because we’re probably a month or two into him wearing a costume to basically everything and I don’t even really notice anymore. Scarlet did this with princess dresses for at least a year. Another perk of being a third time parent is you know you’ll sleep again and you know every phase will just pass on through (well, hopefully). Proceed, Darth Sheppie.

2. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Mine is more of a theme for the year for myself, and it’s “Whatever is best for me”. I mean that in the most holistic way possible. My New Year’s Theme, if you will, gives me the flexibility I need to not be too rigid about my goals, but to do my best for myself, whether it’s exercise or sleep, posture, mindset or dessert…it’s whatever is best for me sometimes includes a nap or to stop overthinking in it’s tracks. So far…it’s just been a great reminder and thing to fall back on if I’m being hard on myself. The question: “Is this what’s best for me” is something I’ve found so helpful, especially when it comes to anxiety. And sitting up straight. Did you just sit up straight, too? Hehe.

3. I was going to save this before + after of our fireplace in our family room for next week but I wanted to give you a sneak peek! Fresh tile is a game changer.

4. Eight is one of my favorite ages so far. Scarlet is sassy and sweet and just my little buddy in all things right now.

5. I was thinking about keeping this to myself…but I’m so excited about it I’ve got to share. I’m taking an Improv class. It’s like everything I love wrapped into a hilariously fun class. The fact that it’s a three hour class on a Tuesday evening and that Matt does the triple bedtime so that I can be there makes me savor it even more.

6. Both our big kids had their first slumber parties! Scarlet has had sleepovers with her close friend back in Los Angeles, but this was her first ever with two friends. It was super cute. She wanted to do Harry Potter theme and they were all asleep before 10pm. Then, because fairness and equality are the paramount conversation in our house (you know, like ‘not fair!)’ , Sterling, who is in kindergarten, really, really really wanted to have his friend, our neighbor, sleep over. Our kids have made great little friends here which is something we’re so grateful for.

7. I’m so excited THE BACHELOR is back on! I love half-paying attention to shows and having wine, as you know.

8. Okay…I love this city. We’ve been here for five months now, and while I haven’t given up on finding my local gay bff, I’m just loving living here. The kids are happy, we’ve found our stride, I love our neighborhood and the amenities and the local restaurants and stores and the weather and the nature and the city. It’s just…a great fit for us.

9. Matt and I are going to Vegas! In 2018 we took the kids to Las Vegas for our cousin’s graduation, then we made a pit-stop there during our week long road trip from Los Angeles to ATX when we moved. This time, we’re going just the two of us for three. whole. nights. I think this is the longest we’ve ever been away and it will be good practice for our ten year wedding anniversary in December. We’re meeting our friends Jen and David from LA and you know you’re a parent when you tell your friends “I’m going to sleep so hard in Vegas”. I’m literally going to sleep like 30+ hours of our 72 hour trip. Hehe.

10. I lost my phone this week. It turned back up, but I totally left it overnight at Scarlet’s dance studio while scooping up Darth Sheppie and all of this snacks and whatnot. Anyway, it kind of made me realize even more that I don’t want to be so dependent on it. I’ve set a “limit” of 10 minutes per day on Instagram and I took the pressure off myself months ago to not worry about posting on Insta or participate in blogger “likes and follows”.

It feels better to me. I’m also really liking not checking it first thing in the morning and I’ve decided when I go to open my Instagram App, instead, I’m going to do a few Pins on Pinterest for my Polite As Fudge account. Pinterest is like the gift that keeps on giving because you make a pin, like this one (above) I did on Shep’s first birthday party dessert table two years ago, and it accumulates thousands of pins over the years, and hopefully translates into new lovely readers. <3

Anyway, I’m off to take care of sick-ish kids and sneak out for a tennis lesson. I’m not joking, I’ve actually started taking tennis lessons even though I don’t think I’ve ever even seen tennis being played in person before my first lesson. I did ask the instructor if I needed to say “fore” every time I swung my racket, brahahah.

*And PS, if you need that reminder to go doing something for yourself, this is it! Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s okay for me take time out for myself, especially when it’s like the Groundhog’s Day movie and it’s sick day after sick day, or like back east, a polar vortex after snow day or whatever. It’s definitely a little harder when you don’t have family in town, but I now have a reliable housekeeper who is great with the kids and who I am 100 percent confident won’t steal my pants. So…my reminder, your reminder — do something that’s “what’s best for you” today! There’s no award for overworking yourself, but there’s great reward in taking good care.

This interview was from last flu season but is still super helpful since we’re back in it again. Follow along on my Pinterest and Instagram for more of the latest interviews and articles on Polite As Fudge!

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