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10 Things at Polite As Fudge this Spring!

10 Things at Polite As Fudge this Spring!

If you’re new to Polite as Fudge, ‘10 Things’ is just an easy way for me to put down 10 different ideas and things going on with us. If you have a minute, check out these “10 Things” below <3

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1. We. Got. A new family member. Kiwi, the baby Indian Ringneck Parrot, came home with us last Sunday. I grew up with a parrot (Matt didn’t), but so far I think Matt is the one who likes Kiwi the most! He’s blown away that this little creature has as much brain power as one of our dogs.

Kiwi is about 13 weeks old, is still on Avian formula a few times per day, and is starting to eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Scarlet was so excited about Kiwi’s homecoming that while he was still a baby baby and we were waiting for him to be big enough to come home, her class had a countdown on the board and tracked Kiwi’s growth from when he first got his feathers til his homecoming day!

*This is a photo of Kiwi the first day we met him, probably about 4-6 weeks old when he first got his feathers, and the bottom photo is Kiwi at home with us, at about 12 weeks old.

2. I’m all about all-things spicy right now. My new favorite breakfast is spicy, cheesy avocado toast. It’s packed with flavor and is so loaded up it keeps me full through most of the morning.

Spicy, Cheesy Avocado Toast:

  • Add 1 slice of cheese to sourdough bread (I use Havarti or Cheddar) and melt in toaster oven, or regular oven, at 425 degrees for a few minutes, until cheese is melted.

  • Cut 1 small avocado into slices and layer on top of the melted cheese. Then add a little sea salt, pepper, a few dashes of Tobasco Sauce and finally, sprinkle Trader Joe’s Chile Lime seasoning on top.

  • Then, finish with sliced baby tomato and jalapeno, if you like it extra spicy like me. Drizzle with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. It’s perfection!

3. You guys. I can’t even believe I’m writing this, because after nearly nine years of motherhood and always having a a baby or toddler in diapers…we have cancelled our Honest Company subscription because…SHEPHERD IS POTTY TRAINED! I waited until the very last minute because I don’t like to rush these things, and honestly, I don’t really mind changing diapers, but his pre-school requires that everyone in his age group be potty trained to move up to the three-year-old room together. He’ll also get swimming lessons at school since he’s pamper-free and truthfully, it does feel like a pretty big thing to have graduated to for our fam!

I thought Shep would be my most difficult one, but it’s funny how kids will surprise you. He’s doing great and I only had to buy stock in “slime” to make it happen. I’m all about that bribery. Now that he’s been doing it for two weeks, he does’t ask for slime or a prize anymore. I’m still in a little bit of shock. I have three big kids, now! CHEERS!

4. Self love rings. This is important to me and could probably use it’s own article, but I’ve been wearing these little gold pinky rings since my birthday as sort of a vow to myself. When I put them on in the morning, I remind myself: 1) That I love myself and 2) that I believe in myself. It’s simple, meaningful and complex all at the same time, but is a nice daily reminder to love and honor who you are.

tiny stackable rings - I wear size 4 for pinky (gold filled, $8.00 | gold plated, $34 | solid rose gold $155.00)

5. We’re having family here for Passover + Easter! I think being equidistant between family on the east and west coasts has made us easier to get to and I’m so excited my sister and her family are coming as well as MP. (That’s Matt’s mom, Pam, if you’re new here!)

Anyway, MP always makes the best Easter brunch and I did an article on it a few years ago. Since she’ll be here and it’s at our house for the first time, I picked up my very own waffle iron and I now feel like a real chef/real adult hosting holidays. Even if the batter is Biscuick. Hehe.

My Easy Peasy Brunch article

6. A few months ago, Matt and I watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If you haven’t seen it, you have to, but after watching the very first episode, Matt was like “This is what you need to do”. So I started with an iprov class, and I love it so much, I’ve added a weekly sketch comedy class into the mix and when I finish those two, I’m gonna try stand up. Have you ever had something that’s so scary to you but you love it so much you wish you’d started sooner and you might throw up but that’s okay cause you really do love it? That’s what this is for me. Trying something new, even if you’ve always wanted to, is fudging scary. And also…really rewarding. <3

7. When we were first thinking of moving from Los Angeles to Austin, one of my hangups was not being able to have “easy access” to the ocean. I put that in quotes because we lived like 11 miles from the beach at our home in Studio City and it would take anywhere from 45-90 minutes to get there and we were lucky if we went 2-3 times per summer. So. You might remember that I was pleasantly surprised with how close we were to the lake, and we joined a boat club where you don’t have to own a boat, but they teach you how to drive one and you have access to renting boats without the real responsibilities of owning one. And it’s a two second drive from out house!

8. I’m all about Rodan and Fields. I don’t sell it, but I buy it from a friend who does and not only does that make me really happy to support another female business owner, but I feel like it has made my skin look and feel smooth and healthy. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but I get carded buying wine at the grocery store every single time now, and I didn’t used to. I also use their “Lash Boost”, which is one of my most-read articles because people google “Can you use lash boost on your eyebrows” and my article comes up. Hehe. ( I use Soothe regimen).

9. I’ve started using a paper planner. I’ve been very reliant on my phone as my planner, but I’ve realized that I really enjoy writing down my ideas, to do’s and notes in a pretty little vegan leather notebook that’s small enough for my purse.

travel notebook / planner

10. There’s no number 10 today! I was running late on my article for the week and I can hear Matt and the kids running around blowing up pool floaties and getting ready for my sister, her husband and the cousins to come, so I’m off to go play, too! I guess that is kind of a number 10 though. The idea of giving something all you’ve got, but then knowing when it’s time to find that balance and move on from your work or your writing for the day to spend time with the ones you love!

Have a GREAT holiday weekend, everyone!



'Oh, um, you have to drink water to stay alive (and other sh*t I didn't think I'd have to say out-loud)

'Oh, um, you have to drink water to stay alive (and other sh*t I didn't think I'd have to say out-loud)

I wear someone else's clothes, like,  4-days-a-week

I wear someone else's clothes, like, 4-days-a-week