"Have YOU Seen Mommy Bunny?"

A storybook for both parents and children, “Have YOU Seen Mommy Bunny?” is a tale of a family who got so busy in their bunny lives that they didn’t notice when Mommy Bunny told them she’d be going out of town for a trip.  She set everything up for them, told them lots of times, but somebunny should have been paying attention.  They woke up to a fully stocked fridge, lists of instructions…but couldn’t find Mommy Bunny!  

Polite As Fudge Holiday Gift Guide

It can be so hard to think of meaningful gifts for each special person in our lives.  This list is focused on gifts your loved ones can use over-and-over again, that will bring them JOY.  Less is more, and this list runs the gamut from inexpensive "gold" measuring cups to that bag you've been eyeing.  Forward this list if you like it and let me know if you have any other ideas for me to add!